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When it comes to styling, most of us would have to admit that we aren’t as good at it as we may think. Sure, most of us have a general idea of what looks good together, but all too often, we replay those same outfits and accessories making our wardrobe eventually look drab and outdated. Instead of reaching for your go-to black trousers, why not try grey trousers on for size? In the following post, we get into the nitty-gritty details about how to style grey pants by exploring what color shirt goes with grey pants. Here are some ideas on how to have a professional wardrobe on a budget

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Pants

What color goes with GREY clothes?

Generally speaking, grey can go with many colors, but that isn’t to say that it is as versatile as black. The best colors to stick with when it comes to grey is blue, green, neon colors, black or white. Other shades of grey are also perfectly acceptable and brown, especially when it comes to shoes and accessories, are a must when it comes to styling grey clothing.

(For more ideas on what colors go great with grey, see 5 Colors That Look Incredibly Chic With Gray)

Though many assume that the grey pants function much like the black pant, this simply isn’t true. Grey pants aren’t quite as versatile as black pants, though they tend to provide a fresher and more unique take on any given outfit.

So, what color shirt goes with grey pants?

Consider these:

What color shirt goes with LIGHT GREY pants?

Starting with your lightest option, the light grey pant is perfect for dressing up, dressing down or somewhere in between.

White Shirt

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Okay, okay, so we know that this isn’t the most “creative” option, but seriously, pairing a light grey pant with a white shirt or blouse is killer style.

Add to it the option of a boldly colored blazer and you’ve got an outfit that is both high class and high style.

Navy Shirt

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Another classic option that you can’t go wrong with when wearing light grey pants is navy.

This classic pair compliments the other perfectly for just the right amount of contrast without breaking up the general color scheme too much.

Pastel-Colored Shirt

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If you love cool colors, you’ll love wearing light grey pants.

Because you can marry light grey pants to practically any cool or pastel colored shirt, the color combinations are endless. Just be sure to pair the outfit with a lighter colored shoe to avoid breaking up the flow of the pastel outfit with a harsh and dark colored shoe.

What to Wear With Grey Pants: Guys

Okay men, this one’s for you.

Check out our two favorite colors to pair with grey pants for men:

Black Shirt

Think black is too basic, boring or similar to grey to be worn with grey pants? Think again.

Black tops are the perfect compliment to grey trousers as they still give off a sophisticated and pulled together vibe, while also keeping the outfit from looking too dark and unicolor. For an unexpected casual twist, throw on a pair of black sneakers to finish the look.

Blue Shirt

We’ve already mentioned navy, but how about trying on denim blue, or size?

To be honest, nearly any blue that is a true blue works well with grey. And as you can see, these colors play well whether you are dressing up or dressing down for the day. Not to mention, blue is the perfect color to signify masculinity and strength.

What to Wear With Grey Pants: Female

Tired of those worn and faded rugged black work slacks, ladies? We thought so.

Cop a pair of grey pants and match them with these colors for undeniable feminine flair:

Pink Shirt

Ah, pink. This classic “feminine” pastel color gets on beautifully with grey pants. And honestly, the type of pink doesn’t really matter. For what color shirt goes with grey pants for ladies, we think this gently printed rose colored pink blouse is the perfect match for these high style grey trousers.

And guys, never forget that men look great in pink, too! Don’t let yourself be held back and enjoy the wonderful colors the world has to offer!

Patterned Shirt

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Feeling bold and creative? When it comes to what to wear with light grey pants female, you can get away with certain bold patterns when you wear grey pants too.

It may be helpful to stick with black and white patterns as shown above in an effort to keep with the color scheme without your outfit looking too disheveled and confusing.

What Do You Wear With Grey Checked Trousers?

For Men

White and Black Shirt

It isn’t a secret that grey checkered trousers lend themselves to sophisticated style, but pairing them with black and white can take an outfit to a whole new level.

Just cop a crisp white button down shirt and pair it with a high style black tie and blazer and you sir, have an outfit that’ll turn heads.

Grey Plaid

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We’re not trying to be funny here, but seriously, grey checkered trousers pair just as well on top as they do on the bottom. Match the two with a neutral base, such as a white shirt underneath, and you’ve got a great fashion forward ensemble.

For Women

Black Shirt

Yet again, black makes a statement even when matched with grey checkered trousers.

This turtle neck offers maturity and elegance that’ll have you looking high style.

Light Grey or White Shirt

Looking to dress down your grey checkered trousers a bit?

Throw on a casual grey top to match the base color of your grey checkered trousers for a casual yet well-matched outfit.

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Jeans?


Green Shirt

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This might come as a surprise, but a green shirt goes shockingly well with grey jeans. Just look at how casual but pulled together this emerald green hoodie looks with rugged grey denim. Brilliant!

Red Shirt

Another bold color that tends to fare well with grey jeans is red. While red also compliments traditional black slacks, we like the casual feel that grey jeans bring into the mix.



Looking for what to wear with grey pants female casual looks?

You may not believe it ladies, but beige and other neutrals can at times be pulled off with grey when done the right way. Just be sure that the beige hovers on the cooler and more neutral side of things to prevent looking mismatched.

Grey Shirt

Yep, that’s right. If you’re looking for what to wear with light grey jeans female looks, know that grey goes with grey, and actually looks quite awesome. Thinking you’ll look a little too blah in one color? Spice things up with a pop of color, like this colorful blazer or some additional accessories to pull this look off. You can also add color with your choice of shoes by throwing on a pair of white sneakers or slipping on some brown colored boots.

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Shorts?

Black Shirt

Remember when we talked about black being a sophisticated color choice with grey shorts? This outfit proves exactly our point. Pull off this look by keeping things dark up top but adding a pop of light gray shorts for a vibe that is simplistic and elegant.

Brown Shirt

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You may need  to be careful when matching certain tones of brown to gray, but in this instance, it works well. Similar to beige colored shirts, you’ll want to make sure the brown you choose is on the cooler and more neutral side of the color scale, and avoid browns that are too warm in appearance.

Grey Shirt

Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to throw on a pair of grey shorts with a matching grey hoodie and call it a day. We love this casual urban chic look for men, and yes, grey shorts with a grey top can work impeccably for women, as well.

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Sweatpants?

Yellow Shirt

Who says you have to go to the gym to rock sweatpants? Seriously though, this get up paired with high heels and a popping yellow top is sure to please.

Pink Shirt

Looking for something to wear with your casual pink tops and hoodies? Look no further than the grey sweatpant! Pink and grey match perfectly as both tend to be pastel hues which lends to a seamless and even flow of color.

Blue Shirt

And you thought grey sweatpants were boring! Just look at this amazingly paired sky blue basic tee paired with cute and casual blue sneakers. It isn’t too much, and it isn’t too little. This just goes to show how much the color blue really lends itself well to grey sweatpants.

What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Leggings?

White Shirt

Nothing gets more classic than a white shirt with grey colored leggings. Want to add an unexpected twist? Throw a dark oversized coat over it or a colored blazer to break up the color scheme a bit.

Grey (or Neutral) Printed Shirt

By now we know that grey goes with grey, but this also works when it comes to patterns. Match a printed gray sweatshirt with a pair of leggings for comfy casual attire perfect for a lazy day in the house.

Neon Colored Shirt

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There’s something about lime green, or any neon color really, that just does well with light grey leggings. Wear this getup to the gym or on a quick run to the store, and you’ll look perfectly put together.

White Shirt With Grey Pants Ideas

Still need some tips for dressing up grey pants?

Check out the following ways you can easily style a grey pant outfit with a simple white shirt:

White Shirt Grey Pants Brown Shoes

Not everyone thinks of brown shoes when they throw on a pair of grey slacks, but the truth is that brown shoes pair very well with grey. Just get a load of this low-key yet put together ensemble that is ideal for a trip to the beach or a casual day around town.

White T Shirt Grey Pants

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A white t-shirt can be formal, casual or somewhere in between when it comes to grey pants. Pair it with a solid cardigan and you have a quick and easy style for both men and women.

White Shirt Grey Pants Formal

And this is the perfect example of how to dress up a white shirt with grey pants. The look is impeccable, especially when paired with a splash of brown around the waistline.

White Shirt Grey Trousers Black Shoes

With all of the talk about brown shoes and grey pants, you might be inclined to think that black shoes and grey pants don’t quite work. The trick to wearing this look, however, is to keep your top light. Your pants and black shoes are already dark enough, so to add a black top will only make your outfit appear too dark.

Spice Up Your Style With Grey

All in all, though grey isn’t quite as easily styled as black, it does lend itself to more unique and colorful options which can be a good thing when you want to stand out a bit. Stick to cool tones like blues, greens, whites, black and even other greys when incorporating grey pants into your wardrobe.

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