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How can I dress more Parisian?

Paris, France has long had the distinction of being one of the most romantic cities on the planet. It’s long been associated with fashion and sophistication as well. Walking down the leafy boulevards of the City of Lights confirms that to all. The residents of the European metropolis are some of the most stylish folks on the planet. If you want to learn how to dress like a Parisian, however, you don’t have to have a French passport. That’s because there are several fashion strategies that can help you give off an authentic Gallic sense of “je ne sais quoi.”

Dress Like a Parisian

What Is Parisian Style?

If you want to know how to dress like a bona fide Parisian, then you first have to be able to grasp the essence of the city’s style approach.

Parisian is a term that means simply “involving Paris.” If you reside in the city, then you’re deemed a Parisian.

But Parisian style, in a nutshell, is straightforward, minimalistic and cool. If you want to master Parisian fashion style, then you should take a no-frills approach to dressing up in the morning each day.

People who live in Paris tend to steer clear of the concept of taking things too far in the style department. They seem to believe in the “less is more” ideal.

If you’re serious about exuding Parisian style, then you should sport standard and timeless attire. You can complete your outfit with minimalistic accessories as well. A beret is just one example. A classic pearl necklace is yet another. People who epitomize the style of Paris do not usually go crazy for passing fancies. They tend to prioritize fashions that are enduring in feel.

How to Dress Like a Parisian

Dressing like a Parisian no longer has to feel like anything that’s out of reach to you. Dressing like an authentic Parisian is all about searching for clothing items that do not have “expiration dates.” When you go shopping, you should zero in on things that seem ageless. If you can picture Brigitte Bardot and Angelina Jolie both wearing an item, then that’s a pretty strong indication that it’s classic and won’t ever “age out.” It’s not only important to focus on enduring pieces. It’s just as important to focus on first-rate materials and cuts. Parisians tend to wisely steer clear of materials that are on the flimsy side.

If you want to look like a Parisian, then you should avoid clothing pieces that are too complex or extravagant. French style icons are fans of things that are streamlined and cool. It can help to concentrate on clothing pieces that look fresh, elemental and perhaps even sensible if at all possible.

Going for French simplicity doesn’t mean that you have to rule out accessorizing, though. It just means that you should keep your accessory choices minimalistic and tasteful. Resist the temptation to look flashy with huge earrings, a massive necklace and a scarf in your tresses. Try to limit yourself to a single meaningful accessory at a time.

Think about your color choices. You can imitate cool and chic Parisians by opting for colors that are on the neutral side. People in Paris aren’t too keen on colors that are overly bright and flashy. If you want to look like a genuine Parisian, you should limit yourself to colors that are neutral and modest. It can be wise to go for navy blue, black, gray, dark brown, white and beige pieces if at all possible. If you’re in the mood to wear a color that’s particularly striking and eye-catching, that’s fine, too. Just make a point to refrain from using more than one especially bold shade. If you want to look particularly Parisian, you should try to restrict yourself to no more than three distinct colors in total any time you dress up.

Don’t show off with logos. Paris is a metropolis that has elegance and tastefulness in droves. That’s why its residents sometimes consider logos on apparel items to be rather tacky. The French aren’t too keen on boasting. If you want to emulate a cool French look, then you should do away with any and all clothing items that prominently feature the names of brands. Remember, looking like a Parisian doesn’t involve coming across like a millionaire. It just entails looking stylish.

Make a point to think about these Paris dressing style suggestions any time you get ready in the A.M. hours:

  • Opt for modest and neutral colors
  • Steer clear of noticeable labels on your clothing pieces
  • Understand that simplicity is your best friend
  • Go for clothing that can easily stand the test of time
  • Prioritize a combination of comfort and fashion at all times


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An In-Depth Parisian Style Guide

Grasping French fashion trends can go a long way for people who want to feel confident and stylish in the glittering European capital city.

It’s not hard to be able to stay on top of the latest trends in French fashion. You can do so by checking the pages of glossy fashion magazines. There are many widely known blogs that zero in on new developments in the French fashion scene.

Better yet, you can walk around the Champs-Élysées for a couple of hours just to see what all of the locals are sporting.

What Specific Pieces Should Be in Your Wardrobe?

You can get your Parisian look ready to go by rounding up a few vital wardrobe pieces.

Investing in an “LBD” or “little black dress” can cover you any time you paint the town red. These wardrobe staples can work for parties and social gatherings of all sorts. You can put them on time and time again without having to worry about looking repetitive, too.


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Are you looking for something you can easily throw on right before you run across the street to buy your baguette for the day? Try your hand at a dark blazer.

Investing in a blazer that’s navy blue or black can be a terrific idea for women who want to look and feel cool as cucumbers.


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Do you want to look chic and casual on the streets of Paris and elsewhere? Be sure to get your hands on an Oxford shirt that you can button up.

Oxford shirts can help you look like a stylish tomboy. These shirts tend to work well in conjunction with the previously mentioned dark blazers. They tend to work harmoniously alongside sleek dark slacks, too.


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Silk is a biggie in the Parisian fashion scene. It’s actually a fashion favorite in France in general. It doesn’t matter if you go for a silk camisole or for a standard silk blouse. This material is a must-have for any Parisian fashionista.

What makes silk blouses so wonderful? They blend in seamlessly in all kinds of styles and looks. If you want your French closet to be particularly exhaustive, you should secure long-sleeved and short-sleeved silk blouses. Here are some ideas on how to reboot your closet.


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How should you go about shopping for these vital pieces?

You can get inspiration from the people who are in your surroundings. Do they gravitate to short-sleeved silk blouses? What do their favorite little black dresses look like? Don’t think twice about asking boutique employees for their insight, too.

If you’re lucky enough to be shopping in Paris, you may be able to get fashion suggestions from a tried-and-true local.

Parisian Style Dresses

Are you on the lookout for dresses that encapsulate Parisian style? There are all sorts of options.

You can’t go wrong with the aforementioned little black dress. You can’t go wrong with wrap dresses that have eye-catching floral prints. Mini dresses in general are everywhere on the tree-lined avenues of Paris.


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Shoes to Wear in Paris

Shoe options are abound in Paris.

Paris is city that’s brimming with pedestrians, so it’s critical to steer clear of footwear options that are too uncomfortable in your daily life. You should invest in pairs of ballet flats, navy blue wedges, beige leather sandals, Birkenstocks and ankle boots.

If you’re going out for a night out on the town, you should opt for sleek and sultry kitten heels.


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What Not to Wear in Paris

Although there are quite a few Paris fashion essentials, there are just as many “no-nos.”

Noticeable brand logos are close to the top of the list.

Beyond logos, you should stay far away from Hawaiian shirts, pants that are too loose, mixing and matching too many vivid colors and sweatpants.

If you long to appear fashionable in Paris, then the last thing you need is to look like you just finished an energetic workout session at the gym.

What makes overly loose clothing such a no-no in Paris? It contributes to outfits that are far from neat and streamlined.

Parisian Style FAQs

How can I look Parisian?

You can look Parisian by reaching for clothing pieces that are simultaneously enduring and basic. You can look Parisian by banning clothing items that demand too much attention from others.

How do the French dress?

Occasions dictate how the French dress. If a Parisian lady goes to a gala at night, she may sport a little black dress. If she’s going to the convenience store, she may sport a blazer, an Oxford shirt and a straightforward pencil skirt.

What do people wear in Paris?

People in Paris wear all kinds of clothing pieces. Jeans are a big deal in the city. Although Parisians don’t limit many clothing styles, their approaches make a world of difference. A Parisian probably won’t top a pair of classic dark blue jeans off with a sweatshirt.

How can I get a Parisian style?

You can get a Parisian style by drawing inspiration from the locals and then finding out what works best with your personal tastes and aims.

Can you wear leggings in France?

There are no strict style rules in France. Despite that, French people typically restrict leggings to physical fitness sessions. They’re not that popular outside of gyms.

Do Parisians wear jeans?

Yes, again. Parisians pair jeans with simple and timeless tops, blazers and “blousons” all of the time. Just take a look at actress and chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg.


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How to Dress Like a Parisian: Paris Style Tips

So then, do you have a better idea of how to dress like a Parisian?

Dressing like a real Parisian involves focusing on the fundamentals. It involves being true to your own personal tastes and wishes, too. If you stay true to your own style sense, you cannot go wrong in Paris or anywhere else.

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