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Dawn Dish Soap and Safety Matters

Dawn dish soap is a staple in kitchens all over the place. People rely on the classic formula to make utensils and dishes clean. Although Dawn dish soap is a household tradition, there are some people who wonder whether it’s actually non-toxic. Is Dawn dish soap non toxic? It can be a smart idea to get an answer to that question before continuing to use it in your day-to-day life.

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Is Dawn Dish Soap Non Toxic?

The truth sometimes hurts, and the truth is that Dawn dish soap is not a nontoxic product by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a number of different things that make the “standard” Dawn dish soap part of the “toxic” category.

It’s scented, first and foremost.

It features dyes.

It has methylisothiazolinone.

This dish soap even has ingredients that are ethoxylated, such as sodium laureth sulfate.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe?

Safety should always be a top priority in the dish detergent world.

As indicated previously, methylisothiazolinone is a synthetic biocide that’s an ingredient in Dawn dish soap. This antimicrobial is associated with all sorts of applications. It’s a staple in the cleaning and personal care realms. The EPA or the “United States Environmental Protection Agency” classified the substance as being a chemical that’s remarkably corrosive. The organization indicated that it is toxic in the event of direct eye or skin application, inhalation and ingestion.

The Environmental Working Group indicates that people who have worries that involve skin irritation, skin allergies and asthma may want to consider use of Dawn dish soap. The organization reveals that the detergent may consist of ingredients that could possibly lead to acute aquatic toxicity. Its ingredients may bring on issues that involve breathing and the skin.

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Is Dawn Dish Soap Bad?

Dawn dish soap may not be the greatest option for people who want to steer clear of a number of health consequences. It can be a threat to human beings and to animals alike, after all. It’s not a suitable dish detergent choice for people who want to avoid risks that may involve the respiratory system and skin.

Since Dawn dish soap has methylisothiazolinone in it, it’s considered to be a highly corrosive formula. What exactly makes corrosive substances detrimental? Materials that are corrosive have the power to harm body tissues that are visible. They can be hazardous immediately after making contact with the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, the eyes and the skin.

Dawn Dish Soap Disadvantages

It’s critical to take note of the cons of using Dawn dish soap.

Some people are allergic to methylisothiazolinone. Since Dawn dish soap contains that ingredient, it can be a problem for people who are allergic to the material. If you use Dawn dish soap on a regular basis and are an allergy sufferer, you may subject yourself to various types of reactions.

There are a number of things that can point to an methylisothiazolinone allergy. Some example of these things are skin rashes, skin redness, stinging, irritation, intense itchiness, patchy skin, blistering and even eyelid swelling. If you notice your skin flaking off after use of Dawn dish soap, then you should reach out to a medical professional for information without a second of delay.

If you’re allergic to the substance and use Dawn dish soap, you may observe effects within a few hours or so. It takes some people several days to notice any reactions. It always depends. Effects of these allergies can remain for several weeks. They do not always subside quickly.

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What Chemicals Are in Dawn Dish Soap?

There are numerous types of chemicals in Dawn dish soap.

If you take the time to look at the label of the detergent, you may notice things such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, the previously mentioned methylisothiazolinone, lauramine oxide and phenoxyethanol. There are others beyond just those, too.

The dishwashing liquid is a combination of all sorts of ingredients. It doesn’t have triclosan or any phthalates or phosphates. Water functions as a solvent in the dish soap. It strives to keep the components of the formula together. The previously mentioned sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are surfactants. They’re cleaning agents. Phenoxyethanol is a solvent that gives the product stability. Glycerin is yet another ingredient that can do a lot for stability purposes. It’s a substance that can adjust viscosity. The more you know about Dawn detergent ingredients, the easier it will be for you to make a choice that is safe for all of the members of your household.

Some people specifically zero in on blue Dawn dish soap ingredients. Notable ingredients that make up this formula are water, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, lauramine oxide, denatured alcohol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, PPG 26, phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone. These happen to be the most active ingredients in Dawn dish soap. Knowing about Dawn Ultra dish soap ingredients can give many people peace of mind.

Some people want to know about Dawn Platinum dish soap ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are part of the Platinum formula are denatured alcohol, C10-16, alkyldimethylamine oxide, C9-11, pareth-8, colorants, fragrances and methylisothiazolinone. The manufacturer indicates that people who get the product inside of their eyes should carefully rinse them using water. If an individual accidentally swallows the formula, he or she should drink water promptly for dilution purposes.

Dawn dish soap’s ingredients may have included enzymes in the past. They do not include them anymore, however.

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Dawn Dish Soap Facts

Dawn dish soap is believed to be biodegradable at this time. If you look at the back of your Dawn dish soap packaging, you’ll see that it says that Dawn formulas currently have biodegradable surfactants.

Dawn dish soap as of now is not thought to be a danger to the environment.

Palmolive is another favorite in the world of dish soaps. People often compare it to Dawn. Some examples of ingredients that are part of Palmolive detergent are triclosan, water, sodium, magnesium, ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, quaternium 15, sodium bisulfite, pentasodium and lauryl polyglucose.

Facts About Dish Soap

Is dish soap poisonous? Many people understandably have that concern. In all honesty, it depends on the specific dish soap. That’s the reason that people should behave as responsible consumers. It’s critical to read all dish detergent products with great care prior to making any purchases.

There are some dish detergents that involve the use of petroleum. The Palmolive liquid dish soap is just one example.

If you don’t understand something that’s on a list of ingredients, you should clarify things prior to use. If you wonder whether a dish detergent is toxic, it can always help to ask your doctor for any advice he or she can offer.

A List of Non-Toxic Dish Soap Options

If you’re looking for dish soap options that are non-toxic, there are several that may be right up your alley. It can also help to assess some of the finest dish detergent options on the market, period. There are many dish soaps out there that fit all kinds of wishes and requests.

Here is a list of Non-Toxic Dish Soaps:

  1. LifeTree Dish Soap – This LifeTree option has the distinction of being kind to the environment.
  2. Seventh Generation Dish Liquid – If you’re interested in plant-based dish detergent choices, this Seventh Generation product should be on your radar.
  3. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is an example of a detergent that is free of chemicals.
  4. Better Life Natural Dish Soap – Natural Clean has a natural dish soap that is devoid of any and all alcohols.
  5. Seventh Generation Powered By Plants – This Seventh Generation product does not consist of any phosphates at all.
  6. True Green Sparkle Clean Eco Safe – Fans of organic dish detergents frequently gravitate to this True Green favorite.
  7. J.R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soap – This J.R. Watkins formula does not have any ammonia.
  8. ECOS Grapefruit Dishmate Dish Liquid – ECOS has created a dish liquid that’s a big deal among fans of natural offerings.

It can be impossible for other people to guess which dish soap options are best for you and for the other individuals in your household. That’s the reason you should research your product choices carefully. Pay meticulous attention to ingredient lists as well. If you ever have any doubt, conduct further research.

It can also be a rock-solid idea to try to get guidance from a reputable doctor who gives you a feeling of trust.

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Is Dawn Dish Soap Non Toxic? – Final Thoughts

Dawn dish soap has been a biggie in kitchens all over the United States for a long while now. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a strong fit for everyone, however. Perform significant research prior to completing any dish soap purchase. You can also look into popular products like the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap, the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap in “Free & Clear”, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Puracy Dish Soap. People are drawn to these dish soaps for many diverse and meaningful reasons.

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