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BB Cream vs Concealer

Concealer has been a staple in makeup cabinets for years and decades. BB cream, on the other hand, has taken the cosmetics world by storm for roughly a decade at this point. It started gaining traction in North America, Europe and elsewhere after making its debut in East Asia in South Korea. It isn’t uncommon for people to feel a little confused about BB cream and all that it has to offer. In fact, they often even confuse it with concealer. The reality is, however, that the two makeup products are basically worlds apart. What’s the difference between BB cream and concealer? The answer to that question is a pretty clear one.

BB Cream and Concealer: What Exactly Makes Them Different?

What’s the primary difference between BB cream and concealer? BB cream, in a nutshell, is a makeup product that aims to offer natural and light coverage for the entire face. People often compare BB creams to tinted moisturizers. Concealer, on the other hand, is a makeup product that strives primarily to cover up “problem areas” such as zits, bags under eyes and immoderate redness.

Beyond offering coverage to the complexion, there are many BB creams that are associated with other perks, too. There are quite a few multitasking BB creams that provide the skin with all sorts of “extras.”

If you want to grasp the differences between BB cream and concealer, then it can help to assess the positive things they both bring to the table.

BB cream can:

  • Make skin tone look even and natural
  • Conceal signs of discoloration
  • Infuse the complexion with anti-aging elements like antioxidants and peptides
  • Hydrate with glycerin or hyaluronic acid
  • Give the skin a natural radiance
  • Offer the delicate complexion defense against the sun’s aggressive ultraviolet rays

Concealer can:

  • Work in conjunction with foundations, tinted moisturizers and BB creams to offer extra and more thorough coverage
  • Make the eye area appear alert and fresh
  • Hide puffiness, scarring and acne
  • Make pigmentation issues appear a lot less noticeable to others
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Can I Use My BB Cream for Concealer Purposes?

People often wonder whether BB creams can double as concealers.

The reality is that using your BB cream as a concealer won’t harm anything. It won’t do much for the appearance of your skin at all, either.

BB creams are known to give people coverage that’s rather lightweight. Concealers are a whole other ballgame. Concealers are made specifically to offer more extensive coverage. That’s because they’re designed to cover up noticeable zits, dark circles, scars and pigmentation.

If you attempt to conceal a bright red zit with a BB cream, then it probably won’t accomplish much for you. If you want to actually conceal skin “flaws,” then your best bet is to get your hands on a bona fide concealer.

How to Use BB Cream With Concealer

Although BB cream doesn’t exactly make a reliable or effective concealer substitute at all, the two makeup products can work harmoniously together on the skin, and often do.

If you want your BB cream and concealer experience to go off without a hitch, then you have to use the two items in the correct order. It can be wise to put concealer on after BB cream, foundation or tinted moisturizer. You should wait until your skin has completely taken in the cream. If your skin still looks “moist,” then you should wait a little bit prior to retrieving your concealer. It’s critical to be precise with concealer application.

That’s why you don’t want “wet” BB cream to interfere with it in any way, shape or form.

You should put concealer on after BB cream and right before you zero in on your eyes. People generally put mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner on right after they use concealer for optimal results.

All About BB Cream

BB cream and primer are two other makeup products that people sometimes confuse. They’re also totally different. Primer differs from BB cream in that it doesn’t offer coverage to the skin. It functions as a foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer “base” of sorts. The aim behind primer use is to enable makeup to sit on the face in a more natural way. It’s to enable makeup to stay intact on the complexion for a lot longer as well.

If you want to be able to put BB cream on skin that’s devoid of roughness and unevenness, primer use can get you on the right track.

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Can BB Cream Be a Primer?

Many people ask themselves whether their BB creams can function as primers, too. The answer to that question is that it depends on the specific BB cream.

BB creams are known to offer users a multitude of skin-related perks. That’s why there are so many that have built-in primers. There are many smooth BB cream formulas that can stand in effortlessly for primers. There are quite a few BB creams out there that can make the skin tone appear and feel even and smooth. These products make it a lot easy for people to be able to apply other makeup products well.

Although BB cream isn’t a primer, it can sometimes be one.

Do You Have to Use Primer Alongside BB Cream?

If you invest in a BB cream that’s got built-in primer, then you don’t have use a separate product. BB creams that offer primer perks can do a lot for people who want to be able to conserve precious time during the morning hours. If you use a separate primer after putting on a BB cream that already has primer abilities, then you most likely won’t do anything to enhance the performance of these products. You can spare yourself a lot of effort and energy simply by focusing on BB creams that have primer benefits.

If you decide to use a separate primer alongside your BB cream, then you should put the primer on beforehand. Treat the BB cream as you would any other base makeup option such as foundation or tinted moisturizer.


The Ins and Outs of Concealer and Other Makeup Essentials

Some people are unable to describe the differences between concealer, foundation and primer. The truth is that there are a handful of them.

Concealer, first of all, is something that you should apply at the end once your primer and your foundation feel and look flawless. It’s a dense makeup product that works to hide dark circles, red areas, acne, scars and general discoloration. The point of concealer is in no way to offer the skin general coverage.

Foundation is a base makeup that aims to give the complexion a tone that’s both even and consistent. If you want to avoid walking around with skin that looks red on the cheeks but not elsewhere, then foundation use may be the ideal solution. It’s critical to put foundation on prior to applying concealer. If you put concealer on beforehand, then you run the risk of your base makeup smearing and ruining it.

Primer, last but certainly not least, is the thing you should put on your complexion before anything else during your makeup routine. Once you moisturize your complexion thoroughly, you should zero in on your primer. Primer is capable of smoothing out noticeable pores, wrinkles and fine lines galore. The objective behind primer is to establish a smooth backdrop for seamless and hassle-free makeup application. It’s to stop your makeup from fading prematurely as well. If you want your makeup look to remain intact for a full day at work, then you shouldn’t forget about primer application in the A.M.

Primer and Concealer Are Not Identical

Primer and concealer are not at all the same. Primer prepares the skin for upcoming makeup application. It stops skin from looking and feeling rough and inconsistent.

Concealer simply conceals skin flaws that stand out. It can hide everything from blackheads and old acne scars to dark circles and general redness.

Can CC Cream Be a Concealer?

CC cream is another relatively new makeup option. It’s a lot like BB cream in that it’s only been on the makeup scene for several years at this point.

CC creams are similar to their BB cream counterparts in that they offer users coverage that’s nice, fresh and light. They strive to make complexions look even. This “color correction” product can do a lot for people who have concerns about pigmentation.

Since its texture is lightweight, it’s typically not a substitute concealer replacement at all. Concealer has to be able to hide noticeable flaws naturally.

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Outro: Zero in on Smart Makeup Use

You can take advantage of BB creams, concealers and primers by taking the time to learn how to use them appropriately. It can be wise to study up on all of the finest options on the market as well. Many people gravitate to the Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream and the Dermablend Cover Care Concealer.

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