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Every girl loves a thick lash look. However, not all of us are naturally blessed with a long, thick set of eyelashes. We sometimes have to substitute with falsies. The process of glue and false lashes can be a drag. You might have sensitivities, ran out of glue and don’t want to spend more, or maybe you are sick of the process. Rest assured, we have alternatives for you to try! How can I put eyelashes on without glue? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you!

How to Put Eyelashes on Without Glue

You don’t have to use the typical (and smelly) eyelash glue. There are alternatives if you don’t want to use glue or just want to try something new.

We compiled a list of five eyelash alternatives, even a DIY option!

  1. Magnetic Eyelashes
  2. Viciley Eyeliner and Eyelashes
  3. Self-Adhesive Eyelashes
  4. Mascara
  5. Homemade Lash Glue

Magnetic Eyelashes

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Magnetic lashes are a great substitute for eyelash glue. These lashes come with lashes and special eyeliner. This type of eyeliner uses iron oxides and other chemicals that attract the magnets of the lashes to it. Watch how they work below:

For the instructions on how to apply magnetic eyelashes, we’ve simplified them into a few steps:

  • You apply the eyeliner first and wait for it to dry (about 1 minute).
  • Then, you take the lashes and line them up where you applied the liner. It will attract to the liner and hold in place.

Some magnetic lashes don’t require any liner and will latch to your mascara.

Magnetic lashes last for about 20 or so uses, which makes them a great choice for the budget and the environment.

Viciley Eyeliner and Eyelashes

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Viciley eyeliner and eyelashes acts similarly to magnetic lashes but they contain no eyelash glue or magnetics. They work great as a lash glue alternative if you don’t want to use glue or magnets.

They contain chemicals like acrylates, octyl acrylamide copolymer that make it adhesive.

Here are the steps for wearing the Viciley eyelashes:

  • Like the magnetic lashes, you apply the liner first and let it dry
  • Then, apply the lashes as close to your lash line as you can
  • You can blend with the mascara it comes with or leave it as it is

Self-adhesive Eyelashes

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Stick on eyelashes without glue are called self-adhesive lashes. This type of eyelash alternative is one of the best eyelash adhesive substitute.

It doesn’t contain glue or magnetics. Each lash comes with an adhesive strip on it.

As for the steps on applying self-adhesive lashes, follow the instructions below:

  • It’s recommended you use tweezers to remove the eyelashes from the tray as they are very sticky
  • Put the lashes where you’d like them to go and try to get them as close to the lash line as you possibly can. This makes it look more natural and blended with your lashes
  • Once you have them placed, you can add mascara or eyeliner if you haven’t already applied them

For a better understanding of how to do this, watch the tutorial below:

Mascara as Lash Glue Substitute

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Many people have differing opinions on mascara acting as a lash glue alternative. However, mascara does actually work as a false eyelash glue substitute.

Here’s how:

  • You first apply mascara to your natural lashes
  • After a few seconds, you apply the false lashes to the lash line. You can use tweezers or your fingers for this step
  • Press and hold the lashes for a minute or two. You may have to reapply more mascara or try it again if the lashes are too loose. The volumizing mascara seems to work the best.

It does take some practice, patience, and effort to get the lashes to stick. Try the method below to make it work!

DIY Lash Glue

The last alternative for eyelash glue involves DIY eyelash glue. Yes, you read that correctly!

This lash glue will work similarly to standard lash glue but without the chemicals. You apply it as you normally would. More on this below.

Can you Make Homemade Eyelash Glue?

You may not like the chemicals in any of the eyelash products or suffer from allergies and sensitivities. However, there isn’t any natural lash glue. Maybe you ran out of your regular glue and need a quick fix until you get more, or you can’t afford more glue. Whatever your reason, you can try to make your own.

How to make glue for fake eyelashes? First, you need the right ingredients:


  •  ½ tsp of sugar
  • 1 drop of organic honey
  • 2 tbsp of water
  • 1 small drop of non-toxic white glue


Mix all the ingredients until the sugar dissolves. Make sure the sugar isn’t granulated otherwise you can damage your eyes. Also, avoid getting the mixture into your eyes! Apply the mixture on the false lashes with a Q-tip and place the lashes on the lash line. Hold for up to one minute to ensure it adheres. Then, apply your makeup as you normally would. Keep in mind that the mixture only lasts for one use.

Other Eyelash Glue Alternative Ideas: Will they Work?

We covered five alternatives. However, not everyone can afford to buy more products or feel comfortable with making eyelash glue.

You may have more questions or curiosity like can you use something you have on hand already? For example, can I use Vaseline as eyelash glue? Or can I use nontoxic glue for eyelashes? What about glue? Can I use regular glue for fake eyelashes?

Unfortunately, Vaseline will not work as eyelash glue. It will work to remove your false lashes or extensions. It’s made with petroleum jelly which breaks down the molecules in eyelash glue.

Nontoxic glue isn’t safe to use neither is regular glue. They both have chemicals in them that can cause permanent eye damage if you use them.

If you’re keen on false eyelash application, invest in the proper glue or one of the alternative methods mentioned above. The last thing you want to do is cause a major eye injury that could last a lifetime over $10.

What Kind of Glue do You Use for Fake Eyelashes?

Magnetic Lashes

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Self-Adhesive Lashes

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Volumizing Mascara

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Eyelash Glue

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Can you go blind from eyelash glue or can false eyelash glue damage your eyes?

You can cause damage to your eyes if you’re not careful with eyelash glue. If glue gets into your eyes, it causes irritation and vision problems. False lashes can cause damage too. If you’re not careful with removal, you can pull out your natural lashes. Reusing lashes that are properly cleaned or should have been thrown away could cause eye infections or injury. Don’t hold on to your false lashes longer than you should!

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Bat Your (Non-Glue) Falsies!

You don’t need to use glue for your false lashes. In fact, you can replace your normal falsies with different types of lashes that are more eye-friendly. These types avoid using glues and involve magnetics or adhesives that stick to your lash line. Typically, they last longer and require less effort. You also don’t have to worry about causing damage to your eyes or natural lash line.