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Your wedding day is probably going to be not only one of the greatest days of your life, but it is going to hold the pictures you cherish and show forever.

Because of this, people want to look perfect. This means that from the hair down to the shoes, women want to be prepared to look beautiful. Not only do people spend endless money on their dress and shoes, but the hair and makeup is no exception either.

We will spend days looking for the ideal nail color and eyeshadows, and this is not different for lipstick.

So, if you are looking to find the perfect tone to make your lips as lucious as possible on your special day, then look no further!

MAC lipstick for wedding days is a regular go-to for many makeup artists and so I have done some research into the top tones used. Of course, each bride is unique and each skin tone suits various colors, which is why I have narrowed it down to my top ten tones, depending on the look you are going for.

MAC is one of the world’s leading makeup brands and so today I am going to sum up some of the best MAC lipstick tones for your special day. Once you have read this it will be no doubt that your partner will be more than excited to kiss the bride!

bride with bouquet

Peach Blossom

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As the name suggests, Peach Blossom is a wonderful, moisturizing lipstick in a gorgeous peachy, neutral tone. 

With a hint of coral, it adds a subtle vibrancy to the color without being overpowering. Peach Blossom gives a slightly piercing look to those with a fair skin tone, but has enough color in it to stand out on those with darker skin tones as well.

The moisturizing texture to this lipstick provides a slightly glossy finish, helping to add that little bit of plumpness to your lips as well. Whilst they won’t look boring, the natural look of Peach Blossom also will not take away from the rest of your make up either.

This is perfect for those looking for a splash of color on their lips without making their lips the key feature.

Del Rio

MAC Satin Lipstick, Del Rio, 0.1 Ounce (SG_B01M7Z3W4P_US)
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One step up from Peach Blossom, we have Del Rio. This is slightly more vibrant, but still quite subtle.

It is a warm, coral color and ideal for those with medium skin tones. It adds enough color to stand out, but not so much that it is overpowering.

The warm tones of this color look perfect on all skin types, but particularly those with a golden glow on their special day.

Hug Me

MAC Lustre Lipstick Hug Me
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Verging away from the peachy coral tones, we have Hug Me.

Hug Me is a lovely, neutral, teddy color. With brown tones it is a great shade for someone look to enhance their lips without adding much color.

It works perfectly with a variety of lip liners as the neutral color allows you to blend it to a more browny color if desired, or even with a red liner to bring a darker tone.  

If you like colors that are slightly more pinky brown then this is ideal for you. It works perfectly on all skin tones, however it can look slightly too light on those with darker skin tones. Again though, this can be darkened by blending with a darker lip liner.

Again, it has a nice moisturizing finish, leaving you with juicy, glossy lips that look untouched by make up. 


MAC Frost Lipstick Angel
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Angel is one of the most classic colors for bridal make up. It is still pink, but loses the baby pink tones that are present in other MAC lipstick colors. 

The color is extremely neutral, and actually works best if used on its own as opposed to combining with a lip liner. 

It is the ideal, subtle tone of pink for anyone who isn’t so confident with bright or pink lipstick – a great way to ease people in!

Again, it leaves a lovely creamy texture, but is slightly less glossy than others and has more of a matte finish. Whilst feeling nice, it is still subtle and matte enough to keep the brides looking for a more natural look happy. 

Lady Danger

MAC Matte Lipstick - Lady Danger
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Lady Danger is for those wanting to make more of a statement. It sits as one of MAC’s most popular red lipsticks as it works with all skin tones.

The vibrancy works wonders with people that have a slightly cooler undertone to their skin. However, warm skin tones can also bring out a lovely summer feel to this color.

Lady Danger has a slight orange tone to it, not only making it more summery, but also helping to tone it down. Whilst your lips will stand out, they won’t look too dramatic.

Pairing this with a liner can help it apply better and prevent it from  smudging which is always great for a day full of so much love!

Kinda Sexy

Kinda Sexy MAC Matte Lipstick
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Unlike the others, Kinda Sexy is promoted as a matte lipstick. Although it still has a delicious and moisturizing texture, the final look is very matte.

This takes us back to more nude tones, again with a touch of peach, however the final look is different to others due to the matte consistency.

It is slightly on the brown side, so for anyone with a lighter eye makeup, this is the perfect match. It brings some darker color to the face without being too extreme.


MAC Satin Lipstick Mocha
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Mocha, much like Kinda Sexy, is more brown than pink. This shade is a classic MAC lipstick used for nights out, but also for weddings. 

The deep and warm undertones of Mocha make it ideal for those with darker skin tones.

This is ideal for those looking to stick to a more nude or brown makeup. But for anyone looking to have a hint of pink, this is not the one for you!

Runaway Hit

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick, Runway Hit
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Finally, among our MAC lipstick wedding colors is Runaway Hit. Whilst the name may not be the most ideal for a wedding day, this is in fact the perfect tone for anyone who wants to go for the vibrant, kissable finish to their makeup.

Runaway Hit is a vibrant, pink color. For those with fairer skin, it will show up just like this. But for those with darker skin tones it will not be so vibrant.

It can be paired with a nude lip liner to tone it down a bit. Alternatively it can be paired with a red lip liner for those who want to brighten it up even more.

Best MAC Lipstick Wedding Shades for Brides: Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Whether you want a subtle, neutral pink, or a ravishing red, MAC has it for you.

With a combination of matte and glossy finishes, there really is a MAC lipstick wedding color for everyone.

When choosing the best, it is important to experiment and practise. Don’t forget that you can always use a lip liner to create a unique tone that is perfect for you and your look.

When it comes to your wedding day, you will have the look perfected. However, try not to worry too much. With any of the above you will look beautiful. And the most important thing is to enjoy yourself!

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