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Flat Iron Use and Destroying Head Lice

Flat irons, in brief, are tools that can straighten the locks. If you’re fond of hair that’s smooth and straight, then you may be a flat iron devotee of sorts. We all know that flat irons can make hair look and feel wonderfully straight. There are some people who suspect that these devices may even be able to kill head lice, believe it or not. Will a flat iron kill head lice? That’s the question of the moment.

Will Flat Ironing Hair Kill Lice?

Head lice refer to little insects that consume blood that comes from the scalp. There are a number of treatment options out there for people who have infestations of the bugs. Some people believe that essential oils can help with cases of head lice. There are others who believe that the use of flat irons can work.

If you’re part of the camp of people who wonder whether flat irons can kill lice, the answer technically is yes. If you put your flat iron on its highest setting, then it can get to a temperature that surpasses 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no doubt that that temperature is high enough to eradicate head lice. You should think seriously about another factor, though. Head lice are keen on laying their eggs close to the scalp. You have to maintain some distance between your scalp and your flat iron. This distance should be about one centimeter. Head lice generally reside right by the scalp. They naturally lay any eggs in their places of residence. If you rely on a temperature that’s so hot that it can essentially cook these insects, then you’ll also get scalp burns. You may even harm your hair.

Can Straightening Your Hair Kill Head Lice?

Since the use of a flat iron can kill head lice, that means that straightening locks can do the same. Flat irons are hair styling and straightening devices, after all. Flat irons function by straightening the locks with the assistance of heat.

If you’re in the process of legitimately straightening your tresses, the heat that is given off by the tool may be able to kill lice. There are some people who try a more targeted approach as well. This approach doesn’t involve straightening hair. It simply involves trapping lice in the middle of a hot flat iron.

Hair straightening has the ability to eradicate lice that are part of the adult classification. Beyond that, it has the ability to kill the nymphs as well. How exactly do adult lice remain alive on human heads? They cling onto pieces of hair through the cooperation of their claws. These claws are situated on the edges of their feet.

The Lice Breakdown

Nymphs are youthful head lice that hatch after being on the head for about seven days total. They’re just like the adults in that they cling onto the tresses and consume blood as a means of staying alive.

Don’t forget about the nits, either. Nits are the eggs that female head lice lay on scalps. They’re little creatures that are approximately two to four millimeters long. Their coloration is a combination of white and yellow. They’re seen on hair shafts near the scalp. They turn into nymphs about a week after laying takes place. Nits remain on a specific spot of the head. That’s the reason that it can be tough to get rid of them through hair straightening. If you straighten your hair with a flat iron, then you have to be cautious. That’s because the last thing you want to do is make yourself vulnerable to unpleasant scalp burning. Consistent heat straightening and styling can eradicate the follicles of the hair. Beyond that, it can pose a problem to the scalp and the hair in general.

Nits are particularly small. That’s why pinpointing them can often be tough. This exacerbates the issue of being able to kill them through straightening even further. People tend to confuse nits with dandruff or even remnants of haircare products. That’s why they frequently brush them off like they’re not even there. Nits naturally lead to the emergence of fresh new head lice. They hatch in intervals of between seven and 10 days total.

Temperature and Head Lice Death

If you subject nits and head lice to temperatures that surpass 125 degrees Fahrenheit, then they should die pretty quickly. You should subject the creatures to these temperatures for 10 full minutes for optimal results.

Some people have questions that involve temperatures and head lice dying. Doing laundry can in some cases help people who want to get rid of serious head lice concerns at home. If you wash, immerse or even dry things at a temperature that exceeds 130 degrees Fahrenheit, that it can destroy nits and head lice alike. Dry cleaning something that can eradicate nits and head lice.

Taking a shower that’s long, nice and hot can be one of the most relaxing things on the planet. The harsh reality, however, is that hot showers do not have the ability to kill head lice at all. Head lice happen to be pretty determined insects. That’s why hot showers just aren’t able to do away with them permanently. Shampoos that are particularly strong aren’t able to do away with them, either.

How to Clean a Flat Iron After Lice

It’s vital to meticulously clean any flat iron that has been close to head nits, plain and simple. The good news is that cleaning a flat iron after lice is a pretty simple and straightforward task for anyone.

  • Put a little rubbing alcohol on top of a fresh and dry cotton cloth
  • Lightly pat the rubbing alcohol using circles
  • Put a cotton swab into the alcohol and then place it on the sides of the designated metal plate
  • Immerse a fresh paper towel in water
  • Wipe the flat iron carefully and in great detail
  • Give the device the opportunity to dry fully

What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Head Lice?

There are all sorts of dependable and effective head lice treatment choices out there in this day and age. There are quite a few over-the-counter medicines that revolve around pyrethrin. Pyrethrin, in brief, is a kind of chemical compound that is poisonous to head lice. It’s derived from chrysanthemums.

There are numerous prescription medicines that can help people who want to effectively say adios to head lice. Malathion, spinosad and ivermectin are all medications that can save the day for head lice sufferers.

If you’re searching high and low for an effective head lice treatment that’s accessible, there are various products that you may want to seriously considering using.

NIX Ultra Shampoo Lice Treatment | Kills Super lice & Eggs | Includes Lice Removal Comb | 4 Fl. Oz
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Nix Ultra Shampoo Lice Treatment has the ability to destroy head lice and their eggs. If you purchase this product, you’ll receive a lice extraction comb as a freebie. This shampoo can do a lot for people who want to clean their locks well. It simultaneously makes head lice and nits things of the distant past. It works in merely 10 minutes. People don’t have to shampoo again after using it, either.

The Robicomb Liceguard is a highly regarded product that can be an enormous help to people who have undesirable and uncomfortable head lice cases.

LiceGuard RobiComb Electric Head Lice Comb Kills Lice and Eggs, No Chemicals, Non-Allergic, 100% Safe For Children
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This special comb has the power to kill head lice and all of their eggs. It is completely devoid of any chemicals. It’s fully safe for children and won’t cause allergic reactions, either. It relies on microcharge technology. It abolishes head lice as soon as it touches them. This does so with the cooperation of an electric pulse that’s safe. Robicom has United States F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) registration.

If you want to steer clear of the hassles of immersing yourself in annoying chemicals that also happen to smell horrible, this product may work out in your favor. Using it is a walk in the park. Just use the comb on locks that are both dry and clean. It’s a mild and user-friendly offering that can help all of the people who make up your household.

The Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner can be a big help to people who are antsy about tackling head lice concerns. It functions both as a shampoo and a conditioner. It has the ability to drive away super lice and lice alike.

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What exactly are super lice, anyway? Super lice, in short, are head lice that are no longer vulnerable to active ingredients that are often found in standard treatment offerings. These parasites are identical to standard head lice. Lice Shield revolves around an exciting mix of five different essential oils. These essential oils are geraniol, cedar oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil and, finally, citronella oil. This product is more than just a head lice destruction power player. It makes the locks clean. It even pampers and nurtures them.

The LiceMD Lice & Egg Removal Kit can be a great product choice for people who are fed up with head lice cases. It’s devoid of any and all pesticides. It gets rid of lice and lice eggs alike. It does so in a span of merely 10 short minutes, too. It’s a product that can be an asset to people who want to condition and nourish their tresses. If you’re searching everywhere for a head lice treatment choice that doesn’t have any scents, then this one may be exactly the thing that you need in your life.

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Indications That You Have Head Lice That Call for Prompt Action

If you have head lice, then prompt action is best. If you have head lice, then you may feel severe itchiness all over your physique. This itchiness may be particularly serious on the top of your scalp, and quite understandably.

People who have head lice often experience slight prodding sensations that are the result of motion taking place inside of their tresses.

If you have head lice, then you may actually see the obnoxious creatures with your own eyes. You may spot them hanging out on top of your scalp. You may spot them elsewhere on your apparel. You may spot them on your physique in general. If you pay close attention to the shafts of your hair, you may be able to recognize the presence of nits or lice eggs. Be on the lookout for any possible sores, too. If you have any of them on your shoulders, neck or scalp, then head lice could be to blame.

Head lice issues can pop up in people regardless of their age classifications. They can emerge in people who are younger, older and somewhere in the middle. These issues, though, are particularly prevalent among children. Head lice dilemmas regularly impact young kids who attend classes and play sessions together.

There are several things that you can do as a means of keeping head lice issues at bay. If you want to dodge the concept of head lice, then it may be smart to just say no to ever sharing belongings such as towels, brushes, combs and flat irons. It can even help to say no to the sharing of apparel. Resist the urge to share scarves, hats, hair ties, jackets, coats and anything else along those lines.

So, will a flat iron kill head lice?

Will a flat iron kill head lice? If you straighten your hair with a flat iron on a regular basis, you may have strands that are wonderfully smooth and sleek. Note, though, that flat irons aren’t exactly the best head lice elimination tools available. If you use a flat iron at a temperature that’s high enough, then it may make you susceptible to awful and uncomfortable scalp burning.

Flat irons aren’t exactly the best management option on hand for head lice. That’s totally fine, however. That’s because there are a wealth of rock-solid head lice treatment pathways accessible to people these days. There are so many head lice treatment products that can help people abandon the insects without having to think twice.