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What are the best natural makeup looks out there? There are actually quite a few exciting and effective makeup styles available to people who want to rock looks that appear anything other than “excessive.” If you want to walk around with a complexion that looks fresh, clean yet polished at the same exact time, then there are various strategies that you can try.

Natural Makeup for Brown Skin

Are you interested in natural makeup looks on deeper skin tones? If you are, then this may be right up your alley.


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First and foremost, there isn’t much contrast with the cosmetics application. The lips look natural and do not stand out next to the complexion.

The eyes are natural, too, with a focus on tasteful mascara application more than anything else.

Natural Makeup Looks for Beginners

There are so many rock-solid natural makeup looks for beginners lately. If you’re a makeup newbie, then you don’t have to settle for a look that’s just not up to par. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to rock a natural makeup vibe that’s effortlessly inviting.

This look can be optimal for beginners who want to do their best.


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Pay close attention to the naturally light pink pucker. This doesn’t involve the application of a heavy stain or lipstick. A light gloss can work out well. Pay careful attention to the eye makeup approach as well. It doesn’t involve intricate liquid eyeliner application. It doesn’t even involve any heavy eyeshadow use.

This look is hassle-free and minimalist and therefore can be ideal for newbies in the makeup realm.

Natural Makeup for Brides

Do you want to find natural makeup looks for wedding joy? If so, this style may pique your interest levels in a big way.


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This cosmetics approach strikes a terrific balance for individuals who want to look like a million dollars on their big days. Although the makeup has a subtle intensity and glamor behind it, it’s the polar opposite of overwhelming.

The foundation application is light yet even. The blush isn’t excessive at all. The eyeshadow application is intricate yet far from heavy and overly dramatic. The lips are a natural yet feminine and sophisticated pink tone, too.

Natural Makeup for Prom

If you want to find natural makeup looks for prom glory, there are just as many superb options out there waiting patiently for you.

This approach can be ideal for prom attendees who want to look dramatic, sultry and fresh at the same exact time.


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Although the eyes are subtle, they still manage to be intense.

The focus is more on dramatic and noticeable eyelashes than on anything else. Subtle eyeliner application is the key. The eyeshadow approach is rather lightweight, too.

If you want to revel in a prom makeup look that’s not excessive, you should think about trying your hand at an eyeshadow that doesn’t have a color that’s too noticeable or intense. If you do opt for a particularly lively and bright eyeshadow color, you should remember that “less is more.” Overkill is never a good thing in the eyeshadow application department.

Zero in on the blush style in this image, too. The blush is applied in a consistent and tasteful manner. It’s not too concentrated and that’s precisely the thing that makes this prom makeup look feel so effortless, casual and natural.

Natural Makeup for Dark Skin

There are so many appealing natural makeup looks for dark skin these days. If you want to highlight the wonders of your naturally darker complexion, then this style may interest you.


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This makeup approach takes full advantage of rich and deep skin hues. It prioritizes makeup tones that are warm and bright. It steers clear of makeup tones that are overly cool. Warmer colors tend to flatter darker skin, after all.

If you want to open up your eyes in a natural and inviting way, it can be a smart idea to apply an eyeshadow that has elements of red, beige and orange if at all possible. Think about keeping your lips minimalistic in feel, too. If you have darker skin, then you may want to steer clear of significant contrast. Opt for a lip color that simply accentuates your darker hues. There are many flattering beige and brown lip products on the market in this day and age.

People who have darker skin tend to fare better with minimal blush application. Immoderate amounts of blush can sometimes look fake on darker complexions, after all.

Best Natural Eye Makeup

The best natural eye makeup can make your peepers pop in the best possible fashion. If you want to make your eyes come to life using makeup, then it may be smart to test this look out right away.


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This eye makeup approach can give your gaze a certain “je ne sais quoi” that’s hard to encapsulate.

It’s natural due to the fact that it steers clear of excessively dark or bright colors. If you want to dazzle the world with eye makeup that looks natural, then you should avoid the use of colors such as charcoal, bright blue, green or bright pink. It can help to prioritize beiges, tans and baby pinks if you can.

You don’t have to say no to thick and lustrous eyelashes, either. If you can pull off thick eyelashes without making them look forced or artificial, then you should do so with all of the confidence in the world. It may just help to keep your mascara application on the subtle side. If you combine excessive mascara with lashes that are particularly lush and dense, then you may run the risk of coming across a little bit too intense.

A Helpful Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

Do you want to learn about natural makeup looks step by step? If you do, then you can try these options without a second of delay.

  • Opt for a cream brush that has a delicate hue and that replicates your natural complexion color closely
  • Opt for eyelash curling in favor of heavy mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner application
  • Exfoliate your lips prior to putting on any kind of gloss or balm
  • Go for an eyeshadow that has a neutral color such as taupe, peach, beige or light brown

If you go for all of these approaches, then you can safeguard yourself from all of the pitfalls of makeup that looks anything but natural and laid-back. If you’re ever in doubt, you should remember that overly bright colors probably aren’t your friend. Hot pink lipstick will never contribute to a natural vibe. Electric blue eyeshadow won’t, either. These tips for applying natural makeup can help you look your best any time you’re out in public. They can also save you a significant amount of preparation time in the A.M. hours.

The Top Natural Makeup Brands

There are various natural makeup brands that have been making significant waves in the beauty realm throughout the past few years or so.

These brands include:

The Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation can do wonders for fans of natural skin coverage options.

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All the Best Simple Makeup FAQs

What is Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup, in a nutshell, refers to makeup that consists of ingredients that are derived from sources that are natural. It tends to not have many or any synthetic components. If you notice any makeup that contains synthetic preservatives of any sort, then it probably doesn’t call itself natural.

How to Make My Makeup Look Good?

It’s critical to test out makeup colors and textures prior to committing to anything. Note, too, that flattering makeup starts with a strong complexion base without exception.

If you don’t have a strong skincare regimen in place, then your makeup will never look optimal. It’s crucial to invest in a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunblock that work well for your skin. It’s crucial to make a point to exfoliate and do away with dead skin cells that interfere with your skin radiance between two and three times per week as well.

If you have skin that looks dull and lifeless, there won’t be any makeup product that can cover it up convincingly.

What Makeup Looks Best on Me?

This is all about trial and error. Test products out and take pictures from many angles. Go with your gut. Try to find makeup products that look natural but that also have the ability to accentuate your finest features.

Best Natural Makeup Looks: Final Thoughts

A minimalistic approach to makeup can take your beauty to the next tier. The positive news is that applying the best natural makeup looks doesn’t have to be something that’s limited to the experts. Natural makeup is all about tasteful product selection. It’s all about understanding your individual skin situation, too.