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Youtubers and influencers always rave about high-end makeup products, especially Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. They’re not always wrong in their recommendations. However, the average person doesn’t always have the $40+ to shell out for one bottle of foundation. The great news? Dupes exist for just about any high-end foundation. Some perform even better than the higher-end brands. We scoured the internet to bring you Makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes.

Make Up For Ever Foundation Dupes:

Dupes for Makeup Forever HD Foundation

L’Oréal Pro Glow

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, 201 Classic Ivory, 1 Ounce
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L’Oréal Pro Glow has a medium-coverage. It’s a long-lasting foundation recommended for those with dry skin.

Pro Glow has a wear time of up to 24 hours that maintains a hydrating glow. The texture comes in light and creamy. This dupe is thin and watery in consistency and builds easily. You won’t have a cakey look on your face if you put a few layers on. It feels lightweight on the skin and you may not have to use a setting powder all over the face, only the oily parts. This liquid foundation doesn’t emphasize fine lines or the texture of your skin.

Speaking of textured skin, head over to our post if you’re looking for foundations for textured skin instead.

Why is This a Good Makeup Forever Dupe

This L’Oréal Pro Glow foundation dupe costs almost twice as less a Makeup Forever foundation. It has a similar performance when it comes to finish and longevity. You can buy this dupe in almost any drugstore.

This foundation does only come in 12 shades compared to 45 with Makeup Forever, but it’s well worth the swap if they have your shade.

NYX Mineral Stick Foundation

NYX Nyx mineral foundation stick - msf09 caramel
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Not everyone wants to use a liquid foundation. Some don’t like the consistency or the way it sets and prefer sticks. Others may choose a stick foundation in a lighter or darker color for highlights and contours. When it comes to Makeup Forever’s stick foundation, purchasing two or three if you want a contour would cost you over $100. One great dupe for Makeup Forever HD foundation stick we found comes from NYX.

This NYX mineral stick foundation is a three-in-one product. You can use it as a highlighter, contour, or foundation. NYX Mineral Stick foundation has a creamy consistency. This NYX dupe for Makeup Forever blends well into the skin without a cakey residue or patchy spots on the skin. This stick foundation has medium coverage that you can build smoothly and easily. It doesn’t have a greasy or oily feeling to it and leaves the skin smooth. The formula is perfect for those with dry to medium-dry skin.

(On the subject of dry skin, here’s a skincare routine for dry skin.)

Why is This a Good Makeup Forever Dupe

Like Makeup Forever, NYX’s mineral stick foundation has almost identical packaging. The major differences between the NYX foundation stick and Makeup Forever deal with the price and the shade range. Makeup Forever costs $43 per stick compared to $12 to $15 for NYX.

NYX only has nine shades with most of them in light to warm tones. Unfortunately, for those with darker skin tones, you may have to look elsewhere for a full-face foundation. It will work as a highlight or contour if that’s what you need. Omit, it does stand up against Makeup Forever in performance.

J.Cat Aquasurance Compact Foundation

J.CAT BEAUTY Aquasurance Compact Foundation - Porcelain
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You may not have heard of this brand compared to all the others. However, it’s the best dupe for Makeup Forever Powder Foundation. This powder foundation offers a medium-coverage look. You can build the powder with ease. It leaves a smooth finish without enhancement to your skin’s texture or fine lines. J.Cat powder foundation doesn’t cake up or feel heavy on the face. The powder gives an airbrushed finish like the Makeup Forever powder.

Why is This a Good Makeup Forever Dupe

The cost of the J.Cat foundation runs around $15. It’s cheaper than Makeup Forever. It doesn’t offer many shades but the ones it does have are warmer and darker than most powder foundations. Many of the shades it does have match almost perfectly with Makeup Forever. If you were to do a side-by-side comparison, you would have to guess which one was the dupe. Also, this powder has a similar wear time as Makeup Forever. For the price point and the similarities, it’s worth the purchase.

NYX High Definition Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup HD Foundation, Warm Beige, 1.12 Fluid Ounce
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Another dupe for Makeup Forever comes from NYX with their NYX HD Studio Foundation. This liquid foundation works to blur the skin’s textures and pores to give you a flawless finish like Makeup Forever. The formula provides you with medium to full coverage without the heaviness and cakey build-up. The formula also has peptides and minerals that help nourish the skin while you wear makeup! It has a thin, creamy consistency that isn’t sticky. You’ll get a soft-focus effect to reduce the appearance of any large pores or fine lines. This leaves your skin looking smooth. NYX HD Studio comes in 12 different shades that range from light and tan to a few deeper shades.

Why is This a Good Makeup Forever Dupe

This liquid foundation doesn’t just beat the price of Makeup Forever. NYX Ultra HD foundation creates the same finish that you get with Makeup Forever. Their formulas are both made as a lightweight, buildable medium coverage. But, without the heaviness you get from other foundations. NYX HD Studio has a wear time of up to 12 hours before it starts to break down. For the price point, it’s a solid option.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup, Ivory
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Revlon PhotoReady foundation makes a great dupe. The consistency isn’t like all the others on the list today. The formula has a thicker, yet creamy feel to it. However, when it’s on the face it doesn’t feel heavy or looks heavy. PhotoReady has SPF 20 in the formula and specks of glitter (in case you hate that). The coverage is buildable and does give a flawless appearance.

Why is This a Good Makeup Forever Dupe

This foundation I’d rank the best overall in formula compared to the others if your skin tone is light to slightly warm. Those with medium to deep skin tones aren’t able to use it. The price point ranks the lowest at around $6 to $8. PhotoReady has a wear time of about nine to ten hours before it starts to break down and settle into fine lines. You can choose whether to use a setting powder or not like with Makeup Forever, but it will last regardless. The finish does have a dewy look than the Makeup Forever foundation, so keep that in mind.

Foundation Tips

Dozens of tips exist for flawless foundation routines. Some are better than others. While others will vary based on your skin type. We compiled the top five foundation tips that work for any skin type.

  • Use Makeup Primer on Wrinkles – Put this on before your foundation application. Add it to your smile lines or forehead area, even your undereye. This will prevent creases and make your foundation go on evenly.
  • Avoid Foundation and Powder Touch Ups – Throughout the day, your foundation will begin to wear down. It happens even faster in warmer climates. Avoid the urge to cover with more foundation or powder. This can lead to a cakey look. Use blotting papers on problem areas and concealers with a brush for blemishes.
  • Use the Right Tools – Some people use a beauty blender, a brush, or a sponge. Maybe you use your hands. You want to make sure what you use isn’t giving you a cakey look or uneven foundation. For brushes, you want to buff it into your skin. This avoids the cakey look. Also, make sure they’re rounded with synthetic hairs. They blend foundation the best. If you use sponges or beauty blenders, make sure they’re damp then press into the skin. If you use your hands, try outward, circular motions. Clean up any rough spots with a brush or sponge.
  • Don’t Overdo Your Foundation – You don’t want to slather on foundation. You want it to blend in with your skin and look as natural as possible. If you can, skip a full face of foundation and apply it to your problem areas or areas that need enhancement. (For more tips on fixing too much makeup, check our post!)
  • Set Your Foundation Without Powder – Setting powders are useful but sometimes ruin your foundation. However, you don’t have to use one straight on your face. Apply separated two-ply tissue to the face and dust powder on top. This reduces the caked look.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes: It’s Possible!

Foundation is arguably one of the most important components of makeup. It’s hard to find a brand that you like and that works well with your skin. It’s even harder to find one at a decent price.

Luckily, dupes exist so you can have flawless skin without the hefty price tag. Not only will you feel better, but your wallet will too. Try one of the Makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes and let us know how it works for you!