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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is especially true when it comes to wearing makeup. Studies show that the amount and type of makeup worn by an individual can be translated totally differently from person-to-person and between the two sexes. Nevertheless, there are times when some makeup might be a little too heavy makeup. In this post, we will explore clues that might signify that you are putting on more makeup than what is needed, as well as what to do about it when you do.

How Much Makeup Is Too Much?


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So, what is too much makeup, anyway?

As previously mentioned, the excessive makeup meaning can take on a variety of definitions. Factors such as age, skin type, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, profession, the time of day and much more is at play when discovering how much is a lot in the world of makeup.

In general, it is no secret that most people, both men and women, find a made up person more attractive than one not made up. Studies show this to be true as well, although, it isn’t always. There are people out there that truly cherish natural beauty that is completely makeup free.

According to research, however, when given a photo of a woman without makeup and one with makeup, many people will choose the photo of the woman with makeup as being more attractive.

Given that information, it can be easy to think that makeup is absolutely necessary in all circumstances and situations. While makeup does play a huge part in attractiveness and playing up hidden features, the truth is that beauty is largely subjective. What one person may think is beautiful may not be beautiful to another. One person’s lack of makeup may be extremely attractive to one, while to another person, the makeup-less look is no less than shameful.

So, what should you do? How do you know if you’re wearing a lot of makeup? Check out our guide below for details on how you can avoid wearing makeup in excess.

How Do You Know If You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup?


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If you find yourself wondering, “Am I wearing too much makeup?” the truth is that you aren’t alone. Because beauty and makeup is so subjective, it really depends on a variety of factors as to whether or not you have on too much.

In order to answer the question of “Do I wear too much makeup?” it might help to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it Professional? – Will the makeup I’m wearing impede my professional goals in any way?
  • Is it Appropriate? – Does the makeup I’m wearing fit the occasion at hand?
  • Is it Safe? – Does the makeup I wear put my health at risk, and if so, are there alternative makeup brands or products that I can try instead?
  • Do I Feel Good in My Makeup?A good indicator of whether or not you have no too much makeup is how you feel about it, yourself. If you feel like you look overdone, you may want to take it down a few notches.
  • Does This Makeup Compliment My Skin Tone and  Natural Features? – The tones, hues and application of the makeup you choose will make all the difference. Making sure that you select the right colors and apply your makeup the right way will help promote a seamless and attractive looking finish.

Too Much Makeup?

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So how exactly can you tell if you may be wearing too much makeup?

To start, it may be helpful to look at each facet of makeup and discuss the telltale signs that you may have  gone a little overboard.

To determine this, consider the following tips:

Too Much Blusher

Too much blush can quickly lend itself to an unappealing clownish look, and no one wants that. To avoid this, start at the beginning by being careful about what colors you select before you apply them on your face. Be sure to pick colors that naturally compliment your skin tone, as harsh or high contrast colors may give a jarring appearance.

Once you’ve got the perfect shade picked out, consider only applying your blush only to the apples of your cheeks, or your cheekbones, and then going over that blush with a light dusting of foundation or setting powder.

Already apply way too much? Apply a few extra layers of foundation to mute blush so that it isn’t too bold.

Too Much Foundation

Foundation can be tricky, and honestly, it isn’t always so much about having “too much” foundation on as it is that you aren’t wearing the right kind of foundation.

For example, if you have dry skin but are wearing a light foundation with a drying setting powder over it, it may become more apparent to others that you have patchy and uneven makeup on, which may spur people to think it’s “too much”.

On the flip side, someone may take a photo and notice that, with foundation on, their face actually looks lighter than the rest of their body. In this case, the problem isn’t too much makeup but that it may not be the right shade or may not be the type of foundation that performs well in photos.

Our advice? Pick a makeup that lends itself best to your skin tone and skin type. Moreover, if you know you will be taking photos, you may consider going with a foundation designed to eliminate “flashback” such as the Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus Foundation to avoid looking “ghostly” in all of your pictures.

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Too Much Eyeshadow

These days, wearing a lot of eye makeup is actually a trend, so this one may be a little trickier to navigate.

Having said that, similar to blush, you can choose the wrong colors or use bad blending techniques that will make your eye makeup look haphazard and unattractive.

If you find you have applied more eyeshadow than you would have liked, you can take your finger and gently dust off excess product. Another pro tip? Try applying your eyeshadow before applying your foundation to avoid accidentally changing the color of your shadow and to avoid a cakey mess.

Too Much Lipstick

Ah, wearing too much lipstick. We’ve all done it. But just like the rest, whether or not you have “too much” depends on a variety of considerations.

First and foremost, although we’d hate to sound like a broken record, it bears repeating that you should always make sure you are wearing the right shade of lipstick to match your skin tone. This is especially important when it comes to wearing classic reds and pinks, as some tones are simply unsuitable for certain skin shades.

This isn’t to say that certain tones cannot wear red or pink at all, but that you should find the best hue of red or pink to suit your skin.

Next, you’ll want to make sure to keep your lipstick relatively close to your own lip line. Now, we know that there are many tips and tricks out there that are said to make your lips look larger or smaller. But honestly, you have to be very careful when using those methods in order to avoid looking clownish or fake. It will become apparent that your makeup isn’t covering all of your lips or is going well past your natural lip line. Yikes!

Too Much Highlighter

There are many ways to go wrong with highlighter, but we will focus on just a few here.

In essence, you’ll want to pick a highlighter that is either warm or cool toned and then coordinate that tone with the rest of your makeup. Do not use a cool toned highlighter with warm toned makeup as it might throw your look off. Other things to take into consideration when applying highlighter is where you are applying it and what it might look like in different lighting.

Generally speaking, highlighter can be applied on your nose, eyes, cheekbones and even your lips. But be careful how you do so. Use the right brush and the right technique or else your attempts at highlighting may seem streaky or uneven in the sun.

Too Much Makeup For Work


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If you work in a professional environment, you may need to pay attention to the type of makeup you choose.

While the topic of “too much makeup” is extremely subjective, it is important to note that less is often more when it comes to the professional world.

For work, keep colors muted and classy. Keep your makeup light overall, do neutral colors on your eyes and add a subtle pop of color to your lips to keep from overdoing it.

Is Wearing Too Much Makeup Bad?

Does Wearing Too Much Makeup Cause Wrinkles?

Believe it or not, studies do suggest that wearing too much makeup can aggravate the skin and cause premature aging and wrinkles. The constant brushing on of makeup can cause your skin to sag and can also rob it of collagen and elasticity throughout the years. Check out The Way You’re Putting On Makeup May Be Giving You Wrinkles for ways to avoid adding more wrinkles to your skin than necessary when applying makeup.

Can Makeup Age Your Skin?

Makeup is particularly aging to the skin when left on your face overnight. The contaminants from the air get locked into your makeup, and overnight, these same pollutants can sink into your pores causing you to age earlier than you’d wish.

To combat this, it will help to pick makeups that are natural and organic when possible, or to choose foundation aimed at moisturizing or even restoring aging skin. As always, be sure to remove your makeup at night, before you hit the sack.

For more information about the effect of makeup long-term, check out The List’s post on What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup.

What Do You Do When You Put Too Much Makeup On?

So, you’ve determined that you’ve put on too much makeup. What can you do about it?

Well, you’ve got a couple of options. Depending on where you’ve made the mistake, you may wish to remove the makeup  in that isolated location, though this is easier said than done.

Overdone eyeshadow or lipstick can be taken care of with a q-tip with or without makeup remover, while trickier tasks, like meditating too much setting powder, might be better buffed off with a large clean makeup brush.

An unexpected tactic? Leave it alone. As you go about your day, your makeup will eventually fade and it will look more natural as the day wears on. Here are some other fashion mistakes and how not to let them ruin your day.

How to Wear Less Makeup


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In general, if you are looking to wear less makeup, first focus on the parts of your face you’d like to accentuate. Whether it be your eyes, lips or cheekbones, focus on making that part of your face pop while making the other parts more subtle.

Another tip is to try simply applying a BB cream or tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation, a tinted lip or chapstick in place of a lipstick, and adding a little mascara to your lashes for a sweet and natural look without all the extra.

How Much Makeup Should I Wear?

What makeup is necessary?

Okay, so for those of you who may be beginners or simply may want to reduce the amount of makeup you look for a variety of reasons, here are a few of our favorites that can accentuate your features without making you look overdone.

  • Foundation – Going with a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream is a great idea if you are looking to lighten up your makeup a bit. We love Elf’s version for a budget-friendly alternative to high end brands.
  • Eyes – For extra pop, we recommend going with a little mascara to play up your lashes a bit. Try L’Oreal’s Paradise for lengthening or L’Oreal Voluminous for fuller lashes.
  • Lips – To go easier on the lips, be sure to select the color shade that is best for you. If you work in a professional environment where you don’t have a lot of time to do frequent lipstick applications, check out Wet ‘n Wild’s Catsuit collection for options of many affordable natural looking shades that won’t wear off easily.
  • Cheeks – It isn’t always about the brand of blush to go for, but rather, the color you choose. Go easy on the blush, and always be sure to match it to your skin tone. We love the range of selection available in NYX blushes.
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Is Too Much Makeup Really a Problem?

All in all, when it comes to makeup, the main thing is that you feel good in your own skin. The truth is that for many, whether or not someone is wearing “too much makeup” is entirely subjective and may depend on the person’s culture, beliefs, experiences and more. Nevertheless, knowing how much makeup is too much for YOU is important, and so, if you feel that you need to cut down the amount of makeup you’ve been wearing, we hope this post has been of service to you.

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