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When it comes to finding the right brush for your brows, things can get tricky. Not only do nearly all eyebrow brushes look practically the same, but when you get a load of how much some of them cost, you may be tempted to skip your brows altogether. Thankfully, we at Natural Beauty Uncovered have discovered some brow brushes worth your time and money, and even a few brushes that could pose as a Anastasia Brow Brush dupe to get your eyebrows looking full and defined.

Anastasia Brow Brush Dupe

There are several Anastasia brow brushes, many of which only have slight differences. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on two of the most popular Anastasia brow brushes and offer a few options as dupes for them. Later, we will discuss other affordable brow brushes that you may consider checking out to create the type of brow that will perfectly frame your eyes to give you the look you most desire.

Dupe For Anastasia Brush 7B: NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush

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About This Brush

The NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush provides a spoolie for shaping, brushing and filling, while the angled brush offers precision for application of powders, pomades, gels and creams.

Why It’s a Good Anastasia Brow Brush Dupe

Those who love the Anastasia Brush 7B  swoon for the NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush dupe because it offers nearly the same application and precision as the Anastasia brush for nearly half the price.

The downside? Some have reported that the NYX bristles can be a bit frail in terms of bent fibers and have had to replace their brush because of it.

Dupe For Anastasia Brush 12: E.L.F Eyebrow Duo Brush

Elf Cosmetics 84033 Eyebrow Duo Brush, 1 Count
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About This Brush

The E.L.F. Eyebrow Duo Brush comes with an angled edge and spoolie, just as the Anastasia 7B and 12 do. It retails at a ridiculously low cost, which is a big deal for those trying to stay on a budget.

Why It’s a Good Anastasia Brow Brush Dupe

The Anastasia Brush 12 is very similar to the 7B, however it is a little bit of a longer brush, and many have reported that it is a bit thinner than the 7B which is great for precise application. The E.L.F. brush offers similar perks, and for the price point, it can’t be beat.

It is still worth noting, however, that upon completion of a side-by-side comparison, buyers have noticed that the E.L.F. brush isn’t as precise as the Anastasia, and the fibers can be uneven at times.

Nevertheless, many have found this brush comparable and worth the few pitfalls to save a few extra bucks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills also offers Brush 14  and Brush 20, all of which have subtle differences to help you achieve the type of brows you want. They also offer several dip brow kits that allow you to achieve full and luscious brows without looking harsh or unnatural.

Other Great Brow Buys

While it can be fun to splurge once in a while on high-end makeup brands, it can do a number on your wallet to purchase high-end all the time.

For that reason, many look for “dupes” or products that are just as good as high-end to accomplish the looks they are going for, for a much better price point.

The following are some other eye brow brushes and kits you may wish to check out if you are looking for an inexpensive Anastasia Brow Brush dupe:

Milani Stay Put Brow Pomade

Milani Stay Put Brow Color - Soft Brown (0.09 Ounce) Vegan, Cruelty-Free Eyebrow Color that Fills and Shapes Brows
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This one was also recommended by some as a dupe for Anastasia Brush 7B and we can see why.

The high quality dual ended brush offered is perfect for creating natural hair-like strokes with precision and accuracy.

Reviewers state that this brush can be used with a higher end pomade or with the pomade that it comes with, which works pretty good, as well.

Morphe Eye Stunner Set

Morphe Eye Stunners Brush Set With Bag
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This entire set is an amazing purchase to highlight and enhance your eyes, however, our main focus is on the angled brush and spoolie duo brush included in the set that creates knock-out eyebrows in just a few strokes.

Aesthetica Double Ended Brush With Spoolie

Aesthetica Pro Series Double Ended Brow Brush/Spoolie - Precision Application & Blending of Brow Powders, Waxes and Gels - Vegan and Cruelty Free
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At such an amazing price, we are amazed at the quality of this one.

Many rave about this fine-angled Anastasia brow brush dupe, claiming that it lasted them forever and did a great job at defining their brows. Some even claim that the bristles on this one are smoother and softer than that of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Talk about a “bang for your buck”!

LOUTOC Double Ended Brow Brush (2 Pack)

LOUTOC 2PCS Double Ended Brow Brush, 2 In 1 Angled Eye Brow Brush with Spoolie Brush Makeup Brush for Application and Blending of Brow Powders, Waxes and Gels
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Absolutely love doing your brows but hate when splaying fibers send you back to the store? Why not cop this set of excellent quality, fine angled and stiff double ended brushes to achieve that crisp clean eyebrow look you’ve always desired?

These brushes have received amazing reviews and the bonus is that they come in twos, so you won’t have to reorder when your first one taps out.

Anastasia Brow Brush Dupes: Amazing Quality and Affordable Prices

Whether you are looking to create a soft and natural brow or want a more crisp, clean and dramatic edge, the aforementioned Anastaisa brow brush dupes are for you. With countless options available, we are sure that you will stumble across the perfect brush for you and your brows.

Bear in mind that when purchasing these brow brushes, there might be slight differences between them in the pricier Anastasia versions. We aren’t necessarily saying that these brushes are better, but rather that, if you are looking to find more affordable options, then these might be the best picks for you!

Happy shopping!

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