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Lorac PRO Palettes have been in the makeup industry for quite some time. The brand often gets compared to Urban Decay with many of the comparisons favoring Lorac. You might wonder which Lorac palette, if any, should you buy. While anyone can give you an answer of “This is the best Lorac PRO palette!” The truth is you need to dig deeper. Lorac has a massive collection of palettes that suit just about every makeup wearer. We narrowed down some of the best PRO Palettes by category to help you find the best palette for you.

How Many Lorac Palettes Are There

Lorac has 15 PRO Palettes in their current collection. The following lists all the PRO Palettes available.

Best Lorac PRO Palette

Best Lorac Cool Tone Palette


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Lorac PRO 2 takes our number one spot for the best cool tone palette.

Almost all of the shades are cool toned except for a few colors that are warm enough for a transition shade or liner. The Plum, Navy, and Jade shades give you a few darker colors to play around with for a unique look but if you’re not much into experimenting, you’ll probably stick with the paler shades. Your ability to experiment becomes limited by these three shades.

However, if you’re not a huge fan of stepping out of your comfort zone, this palette leaves you with the shades to stay there.

Best Lorac Neutral Palette

LORAC PRO Palette 3 Eyeshadow Kit
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Lorac PRO 3 mainly contains neutral tone shadows. There are two or three that waiver on warm and cool tones. But overall, it’s a mostly balanced palette. There’s a lack of experimentation with this palette since most of the shadows are designed for an everyday, natural makeup look.

Those who rarely wear makeup will love the PRO 3. Some of the shimmers don’t hold up too well compared to other palettes. They appear more translucent than the 1 or 2.

Best Lorac Warm Tone Palette


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Lorac PRO 1 has the warmest shades out of the PRO palettes. This palette is a great option for those who love warm tone shades. The shades are versatile enough to wear as an everyday look or a night out the town.

This palette works best with people who have medium to dark skin tones. This doesn’t mean fairer skin users can’t enjoy the palette, but they will see less pigmentation in the lighter shades.

Best Lorac Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners


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We recommend Lorac PRO 1 or Lorac PRO 4 for beginners. This one comes to a tie.

We love the range of basic colors the Lorac PRO 1 has. We also love the colors the Lorac PRO Palette 4 offers. The two palettes have close to identical shades with the PRO 4 offering more pastel, warm tone colors. This gives beginners an option to choose which shades they’d prefer to experiment with. Both have eight matte shades and eight shimmers. The formula makes the Lorac 1 and 4 easy to blend. You can use the shadows wet or dry on any part of the eye. Beginners will have fun experimenting with versatile looks from either palette.

Which Lorac Palette Should I Get?


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This will depend on your makeup goals and interests. There are some factors you’ll want to explore before you buy a Lorac PRO Palette.

One factor involves the type of makeup look you want to go for. If you’re interested in everyday basic looks without any real versatility, then you wouldn’t want to choose PRO 1 or PRO 4. Those wanting a softer glam look could choose PRO 4. Those wanting that heavy, intense makeup look might want to look elsewhere or at another palette in the PRO collection.

Another question to ask yourself deals with your familiarity with makeup. In general, Lorac Palettes are highly pigmented. Someone who doesn’t use makeup much might have a harder time playing with these shadows at first. A light hand and blending skills can help make take away the muddiness that comes with these velvet pressed shadows.

You may want to consider the faults of the palette as well. For example, some of the palettes are better at displaying shimmer shades than others. If you’re someone that lives for shimmer, you would go with the Lorac 4 or Lorac 1 over the 2 and Lorac Pro 3.

You might want to take a closer look when it comes to your skin tone. Some palettes display pigmentation better than others. Medium to deep skin tones can get away with using any of the palettes. However, if you have a fairer complexion, you’re limited in your choices.

Lorac Pro Palettes Comparison

Lorac Pro Palette 1 Vs Lorac 2

The Lorac 1 is a warmer toned palette, while the Lorac 2 leans more toward the cool-toned side. The shimmers in the PRO 2 aren’t as pigmented as the ones in PRO 1. There are more versatile looks you can create with the Lorac  Pro Palette 1 than with 2.

Lorac Pro Vs Lorac Pro 3

The Lorac 3 focuses more on neutral colors, while the PRO has warmer shades. The Lorac 3 doesn’t offer room for versatility or experimentation. It’s more of an everyday palette, whereas the PRO gives you more options for day and night looks. Young girls and people who don’t like heavy makeup will appreciate the neutral shade range. The shimmers in PRO palette 3 aren’t as pigmented with lighter skin tones than they are for medium to deep tones.

Lorac Pro 1, 2, and 3

All three palettes are useful for everyday looks. They differ in versatility with the PRO 3 being the least versatile and the PRO palette 1 is the most. The shimmers seem to have more pigmentation than the other two palettes, even on lighter skin tones. The only major differences come from their color schemes with them each serving a different want. For example, PRO 2 for cool-toned palettes.

Lorac 4 Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is a little different from the rest. Introducing the new Lorac PRO Palette 2016. This palette offers warm tone “rosy” shadows mixed with a few neutral and cool-toned shades. It’s a great palette for beginners that want to try out versatile looks with a variety of shadows. It’s the newest of the 4 PRO Palettes and it doesn’t disappoint. The shadows work well with any skin tone for a soft glam look. The shimmers have the highest pigmentation out of all four of the PRO palettes. They also give a variety of metallic and velvet shimmers for more variety.


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Best Lorac Pro Palette: FAQs

Is Lorac a good brand?

The brand has been around in the makeup circle for some years. They’re raved about by influencers and most videos you find on people’s experiences with Lorac are highly positive.

Are Lorac eyeshadows good?

Yes. They are great for beginners and makeup artists alike. They do suffer from some fallout because of the high pigmentation and the lighter shimmers take some work to show. But overall, their shadows compare to Urban Decay.

Best Lorac Pro Palette: Your Choice!

Regardless of the Lorac palette you chose, it’s sure to have high-quality and high pigmentation. You might wrestle back and forth over what the best Lorac Palette for you is. However, it will largely depend on your wants. What one person likes; you might dislike. The Lorac PRO Palette collection has a massive variety of palettes you can choose from if the above list doesn’t suit you.

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