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We all know that strawberries are fruits that taste amazing. They’re just as amazing for your health, too. Strawberries are chock-full of everything, from manganese to vitamin C. You may know that strawberries can do a lot to boost overall nutrition. They can even do your complexion a favor, believe it or not. Are strawberries good for your skin? The answer to that question is yes, they are.

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The Benefits of Strawberries for the Complexion

What are the advantages of strawberries?

Strawberries are good for the skin in numerous exciting ways.

They have the ability to minimize ultraviolet ray damage. Strawberries are brimming with various antioxidants. Anthocyanin and ellagic acid are a couple of examples. These can both decrease UV ray harm. Anthocyanin, first and foremost, can take charge of free radicals that are linked to collagen deconstruction. Ellagic acid takes charge of various enzymes that pave the way for collagen deconstruction, too. If you want to reap these skincare rewards, strawberries can help you do so.

Chowing down on strawberries can be terrific for the skin. Note, too, that strawberry juice specifically can be a complexion lifesaver. Strawberry juice is packed with potassium, zinc, copper, folic acid, vitamin C and more. That’s why it’s no surprise that it can do so much for your complexion and its health. This juice has vitamin C that can keep free radicals and all of their detrimental actions in check. That’s how it can help people steer clear of sun damage in the form of premature wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.

This juice can also promote speedy skin recovery times. It can do a lot to keep the skin resilient and bouncy. It’s a big part of the replenishment of skin cells.

All About Strawberries for Face Application

The benefits of strawberries for the skin are pretty well-rounded. They apply specifically to the face as well. If you want to do something positive for your visage, then putting attention into strawberries may be a smart and sensible idea.

Strawberries for Dark Circles

Many people are prone to puffy eyes. If you always have dark circles right after waking up, you’re not alone.

The good news is that strawberries can often help keep these problems at bay. These fruits are equipped with astringent abilities that can minimize inflammation and make puffy eye concerns a lot less noticeable.

If you want your face to look refreshed and far from tired, then strawberries may work like a charm.

Strawberries for Skin Tone

It isn’t uncommon for people to have concerns that involve facial skin tone. If the skin on your face has taken on a drab, uneven and lackluster look, then strawberries may be able to turn the situation around.

Strawberries have alpha hydroxy acids that offer helpful exfoliation perks. They do away with old and dying skin cells. They clarify the skin and make it look and feel a lot smoother and more radiant. If you want your face to look soft, bright and fresh, then the assistance of strawberries may be able to get you on the right track.

Are Strawberries Good for Acne?

Strawberries have lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C can decrease inflammation significantly, too. That’s precisely how the fruit may be able to take charge of your breakouts.

Strawberries are believed by many to decrease the inflammation that’s a part of acne. Strawberries also happen to be highly acidic fruits. That’s how they can minimize the manufacturing of immoderate amounts of oils and sebum that can trigger the emergence of pimples and the like.

Some people wonder whether strawberries can actually trigger acne episodes. The reality is that they may be able to do so in some individuals. They’re similar to tomatoes in that they can trigger skin irritation in people who are vulnerable. Are strawberries bad for acne? The truth is that it depends on the person.

Is Strawberry Good for Lips?

You may want to learn about strawberry benefits for lips. If you suffer from lips that are often chapped and full of flaky patches, then strawberries may be a game changer for you.

That’s because they can make lips look and feel a lot softer and smoother. This is due to the presence of both salicylic acid and vitamin C. These things are capable of doing away with skin cells that are dead.

If you want to exfoliate your pucker, strawberries can do the trick.

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Note, too, that there are an abundance of skincare products on the market these days that actually contain strawberries as an ingredient.

South Korean brand SKINFOOD has a Strawberry Food Therapy mask that you can wash off your face easily. It consists of strawberry seed oil and strawberry seeds. This mask exfoliates the complexion and because of that eliminates any and all traces of dead and old skin cells. It also has a pleasantly energizing fragrance that smells exactly like the beloved fruit.

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Tarte is a cosmetics brand that has been making waves in the beauty realm for quite some time. Jelly Glaze is the name of a lip mask that features strawberry. It makes the lips a lot softer. It moisturizes them as well. Other ingredients in the glaze are argan oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil.

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Understanding Strawberry Benefits for Hair

If you covet luscious and radiant tresses, then you may want to make strawberries a part of your beauty routine.

Vitamin C content motivates the absorption of iron. It also activates the hair to grow more rapidly. If you don’t get sufficient vitamin C, then your locks may suffer. Inadequate vitamin C can bring on the emergence of dandruff. It can even make hair a lot weaker.

Note, too, that strawberries have silica, a type of compound that can keep alopecia away. Vitamin B6, vitamin B5 and folic acid are all in strawberries. They’re all things that can stop the loss of hair as well.

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What Do Strawberries Do for Your Body?

Strawberries can do so much for the body.

Strawberries for the Heart

They can safeguard the heart. Strawberries can boost amounts of “good” HDL or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. They can keep the risks of cancer development low. This fruit can even reduce blood pressure.

Strawberries can help the body in many diverse and meaningful ways. They have significant amounts of fiber and vitamins. They have especially high amounts of polyphenols, too. Polyphenols refer to specific kinds of antioxidants.

Strawberries for Immunity

The health benefits of strawberries are plentiful. They can strengthen immune systems considerably. If you want to enhance your immunity and safeguard yourself from the flu, the common cold and beyond, then you should prioritize including strawberries in your diet.

Strawberries for Eyesight

Don’t forget that strawberries can even help your eyesight. If you want to protect your eyes and maintain clear and sharp vision for life, you shouldn’t dismiss strawberries and all of their perks.

Vitamin C in strawberries can make the retina and cornea of your eye markedly more powerful. Since strawberries are packed with antioxidants, they can stop cataracts before they even show up. Cataracts are characterized by eye lens murkiness and can bring on blindness with the passing of time.

What Do Strawberries Contain?

Strawberries, as indicated before, are nutrition powerhouses. They have significant amounts of fiber, folic acid, potassium and vitamin C. These things are vital nutrients that can do a lot for the operations of the body.

If you nosh on strawberries that are fresh, then you can get everything from vitamin A and phosphorus to magnesium and iron.

These fruits also happen to be antioxidant power players. They don’t just have substantial amounts of the previously mentioned ellagic acid and anthocyanins. That’s because they also are practically overflowing with both kaempferol and quercetin.

How Many Strawberries Should You Eat in a Day?

It’s critical to grasp appropriate food portions any time you plan your diet.

If you’re aiming to get a single day’s fruit serving, then you should consider eating eight strawberries per day, nothing more and nothing less. Opt for strawberries that are mid-sized if at all possible. If you eat a serving of strawberries, that should be roughly 45 calories or so.

If you have any questions that relate to strawberries and portion size, it may be a good idea to ask a nutritionist or a dietitian. Your doctor may be able to help you figure out the exact amount of strawberries that are optimal for your individual health situation.

If you consume a single serving of these bright red berries each day, then you may be able to do positive things for your cardiovascular health. You may be able to do a lot for your complexion, blood pressure and more, too.

Are Strawberries Good for Your Skin and Body? Yes!

There’s no disputing that strawberries are nutrition gems. You can reap the rewards of strawberries by making them a part of your day-to-day diet.

You can also do so by putting them directly on your skin, interestingly enough. Some people make topical fresh strawberry application a part of their beauty regimens.

If you want to do something wonderful for your complexion and health in general, you should research strawberries A.S.A.P. Are strawberries good for your skin? They most certainly are.