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Blushing is normally an involuntary response that is associated with being embarrassed, angry, or shy.  Many people also blush when experiencing romantic feelings towards another person.  However, there may be some times when you want to make yourself blush on command.  You may want to make yourself more attractive to a love interest or even prepare to play the part in a production.  We’ll share some tips below to help you learn how to blush on purpose so you can pull out those rosy cheeks on command.

How to Blush


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How do you blush naturally?

Before trying to learn how to make yourself blush, it helps to understand the reasons people blush naturally and just what blushing is.

Blushing happens when you feel emotional stress and adrenaline is released by the body.  The release of adrenaline dilates the blood vessels in the body, which allows for oxygen and blood to travel more quickly through your system.  Since we also have veins in our face, when they dilate and more blood flows through them, it makes our cheeks pink or red.  Each individual is different, and some may blush more easily.

There are a few main reasons that someone may blush:

  • Embarrassment:  Feeling embarrassed by something can trigger the release of adrenaline, which can lead to an individual blushing.
  • Anger:  Likewise, if you are feeling a lot of anger or deep frustration about something, it can also cause the body to get pumped up and release adrenaline.  This will dilate the blood vessels in the cheeks (and other areas of the body) and allow for more blood to flow to them for a flushed or blushing look.
  • Romantic feelings towards a person:  Being physically attracted to a person can increase your heart rate, release adrenaline, and increase the flow of blood to your cheeks, resulting in blushing.

How do I make my face blush?

So, now that we know why we blush naturally, it is time to learn how to blush on purpose.  One way to help yourself blush is to try to increase blood flow to your cheeks.  If possible, try positioning yourself so your head is lower than the rest of your body.  Doing a headstand against a wall is one way to achieve this position.  This will cause blood to rush to your head, which can cause your cheeks to blush.

If you’re not able to position yourself in a headstand position, you can also try rubbing your cheeks with your hands or slapping them.  This can also open up your veins and allow for more blood to flow to your cheeks to make them appear pinker.

How do you instantly blush?

One very effective idea if you’re looking for how to make yourself blush is to think about a time you were very embarrassed.  The more embarrassing, the better.  You want to try to recreate the feelings you felt during the moment.  This can increase your heart rate and blood flow like it would have during that embarrassing moment.

Being embarrassed is one of the biggest sources of blushing, so when you’re wondering “How do you blush,” it only makes sense that trying to make yourself feel embarrassed should be very effective at bringing that pink rosy look associated with blushing to your cheeks.


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How to Blush on Command

Want to learn how to blush more or how to make yourself blush on command?  In addition to thinking about a time when you were very embarrassed, you can also think about a time you were angry.  Anger, like embarrassment, also releases adrenaline and increases blood flow within our bodies, including to our cheeks.  To be most effective, you’ll need to not just think about the time when you were angry, you’ll need to try to bring back the feelings of anger you felt.  You almost need to make yourself angry again just thinking about the event for this to be most effective.

If you can’t get that angry about something that happened in the past that you’ve moved on from, consider making up a scenario that would bring extreme anger.  Set up a scenario in your head when a family member or a co-worker did something so atrocious that you’d be fuming mad over it.  Use this to help get your body to release that adrenaline to send more blood to your cheeks.

Can You Force Yourself to Blush?

While forcing yourself to blush isn’t as effective as having the true physiological and psychological experience that naturally causes a person to blush, it is possible.  However, it is important to note that it is generally easier for people with a lighter skin complexion to force themselves to blush than people with a darker complexion.  Use one of the suggestions above to think of an embarrassing memory or a time when you were very angry, or rubbing your cheeks to make yourself blush.

What Makes a Person Blush

As we shared above, blushing is normally a physiological and psychological experience.  It is often the result of being overly self-conscious.  A few reasons a person may blush include:

  • Embarrassment
  • Anger
  • Romantic feelings
  • Shyness
  • Anxiety


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Tips for Making Your Cheeks Look Rosier

There are a few other ways you can make your cheeks look rosier to give that naturally blushing look.  Try one of the tips below to see how it works for you.

  • Exfoliate your cheeks:  Exfoliating can remove dead skin cells which can make your face look duller.  This can reduce the effects of blushing.  Removing the dead cells helps improve the natural coloring of your cheeks.
  • Use warm water to wash your face:  Using warm water instead of cool water will increase blood circulation in your cheeks, which can make them appear nice and pink.
  • Exercise regularly:  Rosier cheeks are often associated with being in good health.  Getting into a regular exercise routine can improve your overall health and increase circulation in your whole body, including your face.
  • Stay hydrated:  Drinking between six and eight glasses of water each day.  This will keep your body well-hydrated which can flush toxins from your body and make it easier to blush.
  • Apply lemon juice, cucumber juice, honey, and milk to your cheeks:  These ingredients can give your cheeks a nice pink glow.

Closing Thoughts

Understanding why people blush can help you learn how to blush on command.  Which of our suggestions to make yourself blush is your favorite?  Give it a try?  How did it work for you?

Making yourself blush will likely be more effective with a natural makeup look where your face isn’t as heavily covered by a thick foundation.