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If you’ve got frizzy, unruly, tangled or otherwise difficult to straighten hair, then this post is for you. We’re dishing the details about some of the best shampoo that makes your hair straight to help you achieve glossy and luscious locks when paired with your normal straightening routine. Not seeking to straighten your hair completely? That’s okay. Many of these hair straightening shampoos will also work to smooth and define waves and curls to make them look less unruly and more defined with each use. After checking out the best straightening shampoos and conditioners that we have to recommend, you’ll also want to read until the end to find out some of the salon approved tricks of the trade to keep your tresses smooth and sleek longer than a day.

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What Are the Best Shampoos For Making Hair Straight?

Is there a shampoo that straightens hair?

Yes. There are shampoos available that work to tame frizziness and flyaways and to work synonymously with heat tools to yield a glossy, smooth and straight finish.

So, what shampoo makes your hair smooth and straight? While no shampoo will take you from curly to bone straight in one wash, at least not yet, there are shampoos that work to penetrate your hair with silicones, polymers and conditioners. These silicones and conditioners will actually work to weigh the hair down to keep your curls from frizzing up and becoming tangled.

Though using a product that is purposefully meant to weigh your hair down might not sound like a great idea, the beauty is that if you find that your hair is too heavy or greasy after a few washes, you can still turn to a clarifying shampoo to lighten things up.

By and large, however, we believe that with the help of straightening shampoos you can get some of the best hair straightening, frizz-taming, sleek and shiny results possible, especially with the proper use of a good conditioner, blow dryer or flat iron, when needed.

For more information about the benefits of straightening shampoos, check out What Straightening Shampoos Can Do For Your Hair by Schwarzkopf.

Best Hair Straightening Shampoos

Without further ado, we’d like to present the following straightening shampoos as top of class when it comes to getting unruly hair under control and producing soft and silky results.

Some of the best straightening shampoo and conditioners are:

  1. For Curly Hair – Davine’s Love Smoothing Shampoo
  2. For Straightening Natural Hair – The Mane Choice Ancient Egypt Shampoo
  3. For Flat Ironed Hair – John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo
  4. Best Shampoo and Conditioner to Straighten Hair – Majestic Pure Apple Cider and Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Oil Set
  5. Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner For Black Hair – Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo
  6. Best Smoothing Shampoo For Thick Hair – Bingo Hair Care Sulfate-Free Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 
  7. Shampoo to Make Hair Straight and Silky – Garnier Fructis Shampoo Brazilian Smooth Shampoo
  8. Best Shampoo to Straighten Wavy Hair – Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo
  9. Sulfate Free Straightening Shampoo – Davine’s Nounou Shampoo
  10. Keratin Hair Straightening Shampoo – L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Straightening Shampoo

Best Straightening Shampoo For Curly Hair

Davine’s Love Smoothing Shampoo

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo | for Curly and Unruly Hair, Frizzy Hair | Smoothing Hair Products with Olive Extract | 8.45 Fl Oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Sulfate Free
  • A Little Goes a Long Way
  • Specifically Formulated For Smoothing
  • Works Great For Humid Conditions
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Formulated in Italy

Packing the highest quality ingredients and crafted in Parma, Italy, Davine’s Love Smoothing shampoo works as a shampoo straightener to achieve glossy frizz-free results. Those that have purchased and used this straightening shampoo rave about its ability to tame even thick and curly strands. Though the price tag for the shampoo may seem a bit steep to some, many say that the buy is well-worth it…especially considering that you don’t need much to get the job done. Color-treated and avid heat users of heat tools also approve of Davine’s, claiming that it worked to tame flyaways and achieved silky hair despite the fact that their hair was overworked. And the added bonus? The shampoo looks and smells fantastic according to most.

Want specifics about how to get your curly mane under control? Take a peek at this article, How to Straighten Curly Hair the Right Way by L’Oreal for more details.

Best Shampoo For Straightening Natural Hair

The Mane Choice Ancient Egypt Shampoo

THE MANE CHOICE Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Conditioner - Hydrates and Strengthens Your Hair While Promoting Growth and Retention (8 Ounces / 236 Milliliters )
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Perfect For Type 4 Hair
  • Softening
  • Decreases Breakage
  • Can Be Used on All Hair Types
  • Gentle Enough For Daily Use

We all know how difficult it can be to find a truly moisturizing shampoo to help aid in the straightening process, but for those with natural kinky hair, achieving the right balance is crucial for manageable, frizz-free and well hydrated locks. If trying to flat iron or straighten natural curls, rich moisture is a must.

For this reason we recommend trying The Mane Choice Ancient Egypt Shampoo. While this isn’t specifically a shampoo to straighten hair, this option’s formula itself claims to be an anti-breakage shampoo that protects, seals, repairs and cleanses the hair for a smooth finish. That alone makes it ideal for the straightening process when using heat tools, as added moisture provides a barrier between the tool and the hair, thereby helping to prevent heat damage and frizz.

The brand also states that the shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily, however, some natural curly-girls may want to avoid this practice, at least in the interim, to prevent their hair from developing frizz from overwashing.

Reviewers of The Mane Choice Ancient Egypt Shampoo swoon for this product, and naturally kinky and curly consumers give big thumbs up, as well. Many state that the shampoo works wonders for detangling and some have even given up hair relaxers as this product makes their hair more manageable, in and of itself. What’s more is that the shampoo smells great and has exceeded expectations in terms of softness, as well.

Best Shampoo For Flat Ironed Hair

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo

John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo, 8.45 Ounces
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Tried and True
  • Works Well On Fine Hair
  • Great For Flat Ironing
  • Works to Detangle

Budget-friendly and effective, John Freida products have been used for decades. And it is no wonder why. John Freida products have been delivering up tamed, smooth, sleek and frizz-free results for ages, and they show no signs of stopping now.

The John Freida Flawlessly Straight Shampoo is the perfect first step to taming flyaways and laying down unruly locks for a beautiful and silky finish after using a flat ironing tool. According to reviewers, this shampoo that straightens manages to leave untamed hair feeling flat, straight soft, light, and of course, frizz-free. Buyers also love the fact that the quality and price point cannot be beat!

Best Shampoo and Conditioner to Straighten Hair

Majestic Pure Apple Cider and Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Oil Set

MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Avocado Coconut Conditioner Set - Restores Shine & Reduces Itchy Scalp, Dandruff & Frizz - Sulfate Free, for All Hair Types, Men and Women - 2 x 16 fl oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Comes in a set
  • Marketed For Men and Women
  • Contains ACV to Diminish Frizz and Detoxify the Scalp
  • Cruelty-Free

Did you know that apple cider vinegar is often used to tame frizz and flyaways? Maybe that is why this Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner has worked wonders for so many looking for a conditioner and shampoo that straightens hair.

Available as a set, this shampoo and conditioner claims to deliver in terms of hydration and nourishment. It also claims to be the perfect choice for all hair types, including those who have color-treated hair or flaky scalps.

But what do the reviews say? Buyers agree that this shampoo is perfect for decreasing tangles, gently removing excess oil and for providing flawlessly silky results. Another bonus is that this hair straightening shampoo is labeled as cruelty-free, meaning no harm was done to animals in the crafting of this product.

Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner For Black Hair

Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo

Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo, 16 Fl Oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Great For Relaxed and Coarse Hair Textures
  • Increases Softness
  • Deeply Moisturizing

African-American hair can provide special challenges when it comes to straightening, especially if the hair has already been colored or processed by the use of perm relaxers. For this reason, it is imperative that one finds the right shampoo that will impart moisture into the hair and promote manageability, while also sealing the shaft to protect against heat damage when straightening.

For these reasons, we recommend Aphogee Deep Moisture shampoo for African-American hair. This penetrating shampoo nourishes hair with evening primrose oil and natural humectants. This can add elasticity to the hair and nix dryness for healthy and bouncy hair after straightening.

So, what do bonafide buyers say about this straightening shampoo? Phrases like “wow”, “amazing” and “worth every penny!” crop up often. Reviewers state that blow-drying and using other straightening tools on their hair while using this shampoo has left nothing but glossy and smooth results. Moreover, shoppers claim that the shampoo that straightens hair works exquisitely in humid conditions, leaving the hair undisturbed and straight even in hot summer months.

Best Smoothing Shampoo For Thick Hair

Bingo Hair Care Sulfate-Free Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free - Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair - Thickening for Fine / Thin Hair, Safe for Color-Treated, Keratin Treated Hair, Professional Line
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Infused With Argan Oil
  • Penetrate Thick Coarse Strands to Eliminate Frizz
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free
  • Comes in Larger Sizes For Frequent Use

Those with thick hair rave about this shampoo, and those with damaged locks will love it, too. Formulated with cruelty-free yet nourishing ingredients, the Bingo Hair Care shampoo that straightens is perfect for all hair types, including thick and unruly tresses.

Those that have used the shampoo are impressed with the fullness of their freshly shampooed hair, along with the ease of manageability and the taming of frizz. In general, many reviewers state that their glossy smooth tresses simply feel healthier as well.

In addition to these perks, many have verified that this shampoo contains clean ingredients. Those looking for a truly “natural” product to take their thick and hard to manage hair should definitely consider reaching for this one.

Shampoo to Make Hair Straight and Silky

Garnier Fructis Shampoo Brazilian Smooth Shampoo

Garnier Fructis Shampoo Brazilian Smooth 13 Ounce (384ml) (2 Pack)
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Stands Up to Humidity
  • Ideal for Flat Ironing and Blow Drying
  • Leaves Hair Soft Without Buildup

Garnier Fructis has been a trusted brand in the hair care business for a long time, and when it comes to shampoos that make your hair straight, we expect no different.

The Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth Shampoo claims to clobber even the most difficult to straighten hair using a fortified recipe that can get your hair up to 10x’s smoother. This leads to longer-lasting styles, easier flat ironing and overall manageability for straight and silky results after use.

Buyers of the straightening shampoo uphold these claims with many touting this pick from Garnier as their number one favorite shampoo of all time. For those wishing to use heat tools or to simply tame their already naturally curly and frizzy hair, this shampoo is the perfect solution at an amazing price.

Best Shampoo to Straighten Wavy Hair

Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo

MATRIX Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo | Controls Frizz & Smooths Hair | With Shea Butter | For Unruly Hair | 33.8 Fl. Oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Infused With Shea Butter
  • Defined as a Clarifying and Smoothing Shampoo
  • A Little Goes a Long Way

Packed with shea butter, this straightening shampoo by Matrix already starts off on the right foot. The shampoo states that it is meant to control rebellious wavy hair and to fight back against humid weather conditions, including the hot summer heat.

A little pricier than the typical drugstore shampoo, shoppers agree that the shampoo is worth it as it does well to tame even the waviest hair while also giving the hair a deep clean. Pair this with the conditioner, and you’ll have a duo worth the price point for easier to manage and smooth feeling waves without making them feel too weighed down.

Sulfate Free Straightening Shampoo

Davine’s Nounou Shampoo

Davines NOUNOU Shampoo | Hydrating Deep Shampoo for Bleached, Permed, Relaxed, Damaged Hair or Very Dry Hair | Replenishes Chemically Processed Hair | 8.45 fl oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • A Trusted Brand
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Infused With Natural Ingredients Like Tomato Extract

Looking for a sulfate-free wash? If not, maybe you should be. If you find that your hair is dry and brittle after washing, you may need to double check the label of your current shampoo. Unfortunately, shampoos with sulfates tend to strip the hair, which can be good to remove excess build up, but for many, it leads to a dry, tangled and frizzy mess.

Another one of Davine’s hair care products, the Nounou Shampoo is sulfate-free wash is a powerhouse when it comes to nourishing strands. It is formulated with tomato extract, and avid users say that it leaves their dry hair soft and manageable, just as it claims it does. It is also suitable for all hair types, as even customers with tight and curly type 4 hair rave about the wonders of its moisturizing properties.

Keratin Hair Straightening Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Straightening Shampoo

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Straightening Shampoo 12.6 oz
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Shampoo Highlights

  • Budget Friendly
  • Trusted Name
  • Specially Formulated For Frequently Straightened Hair
  • Infused With Keratin and Tourmaline

Want all the benefits of keratin, but don’t want the expensive salon price tag? Check out L’Oreal Paris’ Advanced Haircare Straightening shampoo.

Keratin is an essential hair protein that can tame frizz and straighten waves. Many salons recommend keratin treatments for certain hair types, but they can get expensive.

Rather than spending the money, you can use this affordable hair straightening shampoo for cheap. Reviewers say that it leaves hair soft, straight and without frizz. Be careful though… keratin shampoos and treatments aren’t for everyone and overdoing a keratin treatment of any kind can be damaging to both your hair and your health. Consult with a salon expert before deciding if a keratin straightening shampoo is right for you.

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10 Tips For Keeping Hair Straight

Now that you’ve got a few straightening shampoos to choose from, it is time to synthesize information and find out the best techniques for not only straightening your hair, but keeping it straight longer than just a few hours.

  1. Use the Right Shampoo – As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the right shampoo for straightening is vital for keeping your hair kink-free. You’ll want to choose something deeply moisturizing as using heat tools can strip the hair of natural moisture quickly. If you find that your hair still tends to be dry and brittle even after using a moisturizing shampoo, you may need to check out a sulfate-free version of a shampoo that straightens hair, instead.
  2. Don’t Skip Conditioner – In a hurry? Don’t skip the conditioning process. By conditioning your hair, you create a barrier that seals your locks to keep moisture from escaping during the straightening process. Moreover, the added moisture is what gives your hair that smooth, glossy and bouncy effect…something you don’t want to miss out on when trying to keep your hair straight!
  3. Nix the Towel – We’re not saying that you shouldn’t dry your hair at all, but rather, that you should consider options other than a towel to get your hair dry. Although a towel is often the most obvious and convenient option for getting water out of your hair, in actuality, an old t-shirt will serve you better. The smooth texture of the t-shirt versus the rough nature of a towel will be more gentle on your hair and will do well to tame frizz even prior to the straightening process.
  4. Brush and Blow Dry – During this step, you’ll want to part your hair into sections and use a brush to smooth the hair while you blow dry. It is important that you get your hair completely dry in this phase in order to keep your hair straight throughout the day. Before you blow dry, it is typically a good idea to use a heat protectant to further seal in moisture and aid in taming frizz and flyaways.
  5. Straighten- Following the blow dry, you may wish to straighten your hair with a flat iron or other straightening device. Before you do so, you must ensure that your hair is completely dry. Neglecting to do so will result in a frizzy mess before the day’s end and might even cause damage to your hair to boot.
Natural Formula Keratin Intense Shampoo – Sodium Chloride Free Keratin Infused Shampoo - Keratin Hair Repair Treatment For Straightened Hair Retains Frizz-Free Straightening Results 3 x Longer 13.5 oz

When straightening, be sure to do so section by section, and to do as few passes as necessary. Make sure that the iron reaches no more than 365 degrees Fahrenheit and that you aren’t smelling any burning odors or hearing sizzling sounds, as this could indicate that you are doing damage to your hair or that your hair is still a bit too wet to be flat ironed effectively.

  1. Wrap Your Hair – After you’ve straightened your hair, you may wonder what you can do with it before you go to bed to keep it in its smooth and glossy state. An idea is to grab a silk scarf and a few hair pins, and carefully begin to comb your hair to one side as you secure it in place with a bobby pin. Do this with your hair until all of your hair has been wrapped around your head, and then tie a silk scarf around it. For some, spraying their roots with dry shampoo before the wrapping process also helps, as this works to absorb excess moisture as you sleep.
  2. Lift – In the morning, you can lightly spritz your roots with some root lift spray to give your hair a little extra volume without looking so flat. For added hold you can also look into a light hair spray.

How can I make my hair straight after shampoo?

Remember, shampoo isn’t the only product required to get straight results, although it is an important piece. Once you’ve found the straightening shampoo that works best for you, pair it with a conditioner. Most often, the conditioner of the same line and brand of the shampoo that you are using will work best, but you can always experiment to see which combination your hair best responds to. Just be sure that you never skip the conditioning step.

After conditioning, you can blow dry to achieve the look you want, but be sure to add a heat protectant or serum first. Doing so will lock in moisture and yield silkier, damage-free results.

To take things a step further, you can use a flat iron or other straightening tool of choice, but only after your hair is completely dry.

Concerning the hair tools and hair products you will need to make and keep your locks straight, we recommend using a ceramic flat iron for fine to normal hair or gold or titanium for curly hair.

As for the blow drying process, you should always work in sections and, preferably, use the nozzle attachment on your blow dryer to direct heat to the exact spot that you are working on to make certain the hot air isn’t displaced.

Another pro straightening tip? For some, spraying a light coating of hair spray on bone dry sections BEFORE straightening has been proven to keep hair straighter and for longer. Just be sure not to overdo it.

If you are looking for ways to get a straight look without the use of heat, check out Healthline’s tips in How to Straighten Hair Without Heat.

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Luscious Locks Are Now in Reach!

So, now that you’ve got the details on what straightening shampoos can do to keep your hair in check, we hope you can now use some of our suggestions to achieve impeccable style without breaking the bank to do so.

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