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We all struggle with what to do to our hair sometimes. We get bored of the length, color, or wearing it the same way every single day. YouTube has become a haven for anyone looking for some inspiration for their hair. There are thousands of hairstyles for medium hair tutorials, so you’ll never get bored or lack inspiration. For those of you who are new to DIY hair tutorials, rest assured we got you covered! We picked ten easy hairstyles ideas for people who have medium length hair.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair Tutorials

We often watch Youtube tutorials to learn how to do different hairstyles for medium hair. We’ll sometimes try out a hair tutorial but end up disappointed. This happens for various reasons like a lack of practice, your hair’s length might be different than the person in the video, or you lack the hair tools needed to recreate it.

So, how can you recreate a medium hairstyle perfectly?

First, you want to find out what is considered medium length hair. You can do this by asking a stylist, follow a hair chart online, or measure your hair length.

To make it simple, we’ll give an estimate. How many inches is medium length hair? It’s around 12 inches, give or take an inch or two for your height.

Easy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Not everyone has time in the morning to play around with their hair. Between work, school, or kids you need quick and easy hairstyles for medium hair that are wearable and won’t take long to do. We compiled a couple of easy hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

Everyday Bohemian Style


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To get this look, watch the tutorial below:

Note: You can do this style with twists or braids.

Everyday Twist


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Watch the tutorial below to achieve this cute hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Sometimes, we just want our hair out of our faces. However, a simple ponytail doesn’t always make us feel cute.

You can get your hair out of your way and look adorable with the video we found that has cute and easy updos for medium hair.

Half Bun


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Follow the tutorial below for this look:

Layered Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hairstyles mostly come with lots of layers. It can make styling difficult. However, we found that easy updos for medium layered hair not only take it out of your face but save you time.

Layered Updo


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Find this look cute? Follow the steps below:

Updos for Medium Hair

We included two Youtube updos for medium length hair. These easy DIY updos for medium hair can be worn for any occasion. You can wear them to work, school, or special occasions. The second hairstyle updo for medium length hair takes only minutes to create and works best for the gym or lazy hair days.

Bohemian Style Ponytail


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Achieve this chic hairstyle by following the tutorial below:

French Braid Ponytail


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Watch how to do this below:

Messy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Easy messy updos for medium hair tend to always stay trendy. The hairstyles do take a bit more effort to achieve the messy look but are worth the few extra minutes. You can wear this style around the house or if you need to run some errands. We recommend a simple messy bun if this takes too much time for your liking.

Messy Updo


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Looks complicated? it’s actually easier to do than you think!

Cool Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Nowadays, people feel more comfortable taking risks with their hair. They’ll dye it crazy, bright colors or experiment with different looks. These types of easy cool hairstyles for medium hair are perfect if you want to try an edgier style without cutting or coloring your hair. It works best for a date night or a night out at the club or party.

Edgy Braid


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This is more wearable than you think. See how to do it below:

Prom Hairstyle Updos for Medium Hair

Every girl dreams of looking her best for prom. Not every girl can afford the makeup or hairstylist to recreate a look. Luckily, she doesn’t have to. Youtube has plenty of tutorials that will make you look and feel like the princess you are! This style we found to give you that elegant look but you won’t look overly formal.

Textured Updo

Prom can be a chance to play around with looks by yourself, so it’s a great opportunity to try this hairstyle!

Work Appropriate Hair Styles for Medium Hair

Some people work in offices or places where a strict dress code on hair and makeup is followed. Sometimes it’s necessary if you work with equipment or clients. Your hair may get in the way or maybe you don’t have time to do your hair before your shift. Easy work hairstyles for medium length hair will help you out. This one only takes about five minutes too!

Simple Bun


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For a simple and ork-appropriate updo, try this!

Medium Hair Styling FAQs

How do you style medium hair without heat?

There are many ways to style your hair without heat. If you’ve had a treatment done, like getting your hair permed, you may not want to expose your locks to more damaging treatments.

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You can put your hair in braids after you get out of the shower or sleep with your hair in braids. When you wake take out the braids your hair will have curls. YouTubers try other curl methods like the sock curl method, pencil method, or straw method. You can use any kind of braid as a standalone style. Make twists, half updos, ponytails, or buns. Include accessories like bows, bobby pins, or headbands.

How do you style medium straight hair?

Play around with bangs. Try high ponytails or half buns. Pin it back with some twists or created a braided updo look. You can go for the natural look and part your hair down the middle and clip or bobby pin one side back.

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Flaunt Your Hair!

Our hair is a part of our identity. You want to look the best you can and have fun with your hair at the same time. This doesn’t come easy sometimes. You may have to follow dress codes, spend little to no time on it, or limit your creativity. However, you can still style your medium length hair easily and quickly. You may have to limit what accessories or color you put in your hair, but you don’t have to give up on cute styles. The best part about many styles for medium hair, you don’t need to use any hot tools that can cause damage. Try one of the styles today and see how you feel!