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When you meet someone new or have a conversation with someone, they’ll be looking right at your face.  One of the first things they’ll notice is your lips.  If you feel like your lips are too big for your face and are looking for ways to make them appear smaller and more natural looking, you’ve come to the right place.  Large lips with too much makeup can make your lips look like they are the wrong size for your face; keep reading to learn how to make your lips look smaller to achieve the radiant look you’re seeking.

How to Get Thin Lips Naturally

There are a few things you can do (or avoid doing) that can help make your lips smaller.

One of the first steps when planning for how to get smaller lips naturally is to be sure to keep yourself well hydrated.  If your lips get too dried, it can make them appear larger.  Drink at least six to eight glasses of water to hydrate your body and deliver sufficient hydration to your lips.  Using a humidifier can also keep your lips hydrated and prevent them from drying out.  Humidifiers add moisture back into the room and can be especially helpful during the colder and drier months of the year.

If you suffer from allergies, they may also be making your lips look bigger.  So, if you’re looking for how to make our lips smaller without surgery, take steps to address your allergies.  This may mean changing your eating habits to avoid foods that are triggering your allergies or speaking with your doctor about using an antihistamine or other allergy medicine.

Another idea if you’re been wondering, “how can I improve my lips naturally,” is to avoid wearing lip gloss.  The shine that lip gloss leaves on your lips can actually make them look bigger and have the opposite effect that you desire.


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How to Make Lips Thinner by Exercise

Just as exercising your body helps burn fat and reduces your profile, exercising your lips can help burn fat and decrease their size.  Below are a few lip exercises you can try:

  • Do facial yoga workouts where you move your lips into one position and hold them there for a few seconds.
  • Press your lips together and hold them there for 15 seconds.
  • Smile and contract your lips for 15 seconds
  • Smile and lift the corners of your mouth for 15 seconds
  • Hold air in your mouth for 10 seconds, then move your lips to the right and hold for 10 seconds, and then move your lips to the left and hold for 10 more seconds.
  • Place your index finger in your mouth and move it around 10 times.
  • Smile often!  When you smile, it pulls your lips and makes them thinner.
  • Say tongue twisters.  Tongue twisters offer a good lip exercise as you form your mouth to say the various pieces of the tongue twister.

Check out these videos to learn more!

To be most effective, you’ll want to put together an exercise routine and stick with it.  Perform each exercise at least one to two times each day.  Be patient; just as it takes a while to see results from going to the gym, it will also take some time to see results from doing lip exercise to help you get smaller lips.

How to Make Your Lips Smaller in 5 Minutes

Many people wonder, “can ice make lips smaller?”  Ice can help bring down inflammation in your lips from an injury or another cause and may offer a quick fix for those looking to get smaller lips.  However, the results won’t necessarily last as long as trying some of the other techniques we shared.

How to Make Your Lips Smaller with Makeup

Makeup can also help you create smaller-looking lips.  If you want to know how to make your lips thin and pink using makeup, use the steps below to help you perfect your look.

  • Start with a primer. Using a primer on your lips before applying other makeup to your lips will allow the makeup you apply to go on more evenly and smoothly.  A primer will also help lock in the color of the lip liner or natural lipstick you choose.
  • Use concealer to hide the hue of your lips. This will make your skin more of a blank canvas and will allow you to hide the parts of your lips you don’t want seen to make them look smaller overall.  Choose a concealer that will blend in with our skin tone and apply it to your lips using a brush.  Give extra attention to the edges of your lips, as you want these to ‘disappear.’  You’ll know you’re finished with this step when the edge of your lips blur together with the skin around them.
  • Use a lip liner to line inside the perimeter of your lips, rather than around the perimeter as you may normally go.  This will allow you to set the shape and size for the look you desire.  Be careful not to create too thick of a line as it can make your lips look really fake.
  • Use a lipstick that matches or coordinates with the color of the lip liner you selected and fill in your lips.  Start in the center of your upper lip and work to the outer parts of the ‘lips’ you drew in.  Follow these steps for the bottom lip.
  • Finally, check your finished look and touch up any smudges or smears with concealer.  Avoid adding a lip gloss over your finished look as the shine it creates may make your lips look larger.


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How to make areas of my mouth smaller

Top Lip

So, how to make your upper lip smaller?

If you feel like your upper lip is too large in relation to your lower lip, consider trying some of the exercise and massage techniques shared above as these can help reduce its size.  Some individuals have larger teeth that protrude a bit and can make their upper lip look large.  If this is the case for you, you’ll want to consult with a dentist.  One more idea for how to make your top lip smaller is to squeeze juice out of ginger and apply it to your upper lip.  Ginger juice has pantothenic acid which can loosen your lip and make it look smaller.

Bottom Lip

As with the top lip, trying some of the massages, exercises, or makeup tips shared above can also help you if you are looking for how to make bottom lip smaller.  Another idea for how to make lower lip thinner naturally is to curl the lip down as if you were pouting.  This contracts the skin and can make the lower lip appear smaller.  However, it will take some time before you’ll see results, so be patient and consistent.

Making Lips Small At Home

Keep reading to learn a few tips for how to get thin lips by home remedies.

  • Keeping your lips moisturized is important for minimizing their size.  Apply olive oil or shea butter to your lips to keep them from getting to dry.  You can also look for lip balms that feature these ingredients.
  • If your lips have any cracks or injuries, your first concern should be to focus on getting them healed.  Cracks or other injuries can make your lips look larger and may be more challenging to conceal with makeup.  Use hydrogen peroxide to heal small wounds and apply Vaseline to help reseal cracks.
  • If you have hair around your lips, it can also make them look larger.  So, pluck or wax these hairs to create a smaller looking lip.
  • Finally, keep your lips clean.  Dirt and dead cells on dirtier lips can make them look larger.  Use a lip scrub to clean your lips each day to remove any dead cells or debris.

How to Make Lips Thinner Permanently

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your large lips, you may want to consider getting cosmetic surgery or reducing lip tissue with injections as these are really the only permanent solutions.  However, surgery isn’t recommended as it can have side effects and can be quite expensive.  Only try surgery as a last resort if nothing else is working for you and you can’t live with your larger lips.

Pucker ’em up!

Small lips are highly desired by a number of individuals and can help you create the image you want others to see.  In addition to trying to make your lips smaller, you should also determine your lip shape.  Knowing your lip shape can help perfect your makeup look.

We hope our tips on how to make lips small have helped you learn a few things you can try to minimize the size of your lips and make them a bit less overpowering.

Embrace the natural appearance of your lips and face with our tips for natural makeup!