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Green is in this year!  If you’re looking to make a statement with your nails, what better way to do so than by painting them green.  There are so many different shades of green nails, color combinations, and design options to choose from that the possibilities are endless.  If you’re looking for the perfect shade of green to try and some inspiration, you’re in the right place.  Look through our ideas below and pick one or two (or three or four) to try soon!  You’ll be glad you did! 

Different Shades of Green Nails

Did you know that green is the hot color for this year?  From being picked as the top paint color, to being featured by fashion designers, and of course, to looking ah-mazing on your nails, you can’t go wrong when you choose green right now!  If you’re ready to try some stunning green nail design, keep reading.  You’re sure to find a few that you absolutely love below!

Lime Green Nail Designs

Lime green is definitely a trending color right now.  It is perfect for the warmer spring and summer months, but can also add a pop of color to your nails and help you make a statement during the colder months as well.  

These lime green nails are fun, bright, and simple to do yourself at home.  Start by applying a lime green nail polish, such as Feelin’ Just Lime by Essie.  Then, once it has dried, use a bit of white and black nail polish to create small accent flowers on one nail on each hand.

essie Nail Polish, Limited Edition Summer 2021 Collection, Lime Green Nail Color With A Cream Finish, Feelin' Just Lime, 0.46 Fl. Oz
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Sage Green Nails

Sage green, which is a mix of light green and gray, is much more subdued than neon green.  Sage is an herb, so it only makes sense that adding sage green to your nails will make you and other things of greenery and plants.  For that reason, we think sage nails can pair really nicely with some accent nails of a different color featuring flowers.

For example, as shown here, you can pair sage green nail polish, like Beetles Cecelia Sage Green Gel Nail Polish, with a pale pink nail polish, like Venalisa Nude Pink Gel Nail Polish.  Then, just paint a few simple flowers and leaves over the pink nails to complete the look.

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Cecilia Sage Green Color Soak Off LED Nail Lamp Gel Polish -SIZE: .5 fl.Oz/Each 15 ml/Each
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Emerald Green Nails

Emeralds are stunning green gemstones that sparkle and shine.  Try an emerald green nail polish with some glitter to give your nails that same effect.  The glitter will reflect the light and really make your nails light up the room.  We like the way the Zoya Elphie Nail Polish sparkles. 

ZOYA Nail Polish, Elphie, 0.5 fl. oz.
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Olive Green Nails

Olive green and pale olive green are also trending colors this year.  This simple, yet attention-grabbing olive green nail polish design is one you may want to try.  Just grab a bottle of olive green nail polish, such as OPI Olive for Green Nail Polish, and paint all of your nails.  Then, use a black nail marker, like the one in this Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Set, to add some wavy horizontal lines on one finger on each hand.

OPI Infinite Shine 2 Long-Wear Lacquer, Olive for Green, Green Long-Lasting Nail Polish, 0.5 fl oz
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Neon Green Nails

If you’re looking for neon green nail ideas, you’re probably ready to make a real statement with your nails.  Neon green is very bright and will certainly draw lots of attention to your nails.  You can always paint your nails entirely with neon green, or you could consider a design such as this one.  Paint the bottom half of your nails with a pale pink color, like OPI Beyond the Pale Pink.  Then, add neon green nail polish, such as LeChat Dare to Wear Anonymity Nail Polish, along the tips.  Add a few black stars or other geometric shapes with a black nail marker to finish off the design.

LECHAT Dare to Wear Nail Polish, Anonymity, 0.500 Ounce
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Kelly Green Nails

Kelly green is that true green color that makes you think of leprechauns, shamrocks, and Saint Patrick’s Day.  Its color also makes one think of new beginnings and springtime, making it the ideal choice for those months when the weather is just starting to warm up.  Welcome spring with kelly green nails, such as these, using a color like Zoya Evergreen Neon.  You can even add a contrasting pink nail polish, like Essie Throw in the Towel Nail Polish, to the fingers on one hand to show two of the colors most associated with spring.  Use white and yellow nail markers to add some dots reminiscent of flowers to some or all of your nails for an extra touch.

ZOYA Nail Polish, Evergreen Neon, 0.5 fl. oz.
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Green French Tip Nails

French tips don’t have to be done with just white.  You can enjoy the fun pop of color that green brings in a slightly more subdued fashion with green French tips.  For example, we like the elegance of this French manicure look with a light green nail polish, such as Essie Expressie Express to Impress Quick-Dry Nail Polish.

essie expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish, Express To Impress, Mint Green, 0.33 Ounce
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Summer Green Nail Designs

Before too long, summer will be here.  Green is such a fun color to use in the summer, whether you’re on vacation or just sticking with your normal routine.  Choosing a fun green nail design for the summer can help make whatever you’re doing a bit more fun.  Welcome the warm summer weather with these green palm tree design nails.  You’ll just need a bright green polish, like duri NYC Apple Envy, and a black nail marker.

duri Nail Polish, 646N NYC Apply Envy, Lime Neon Green, Matte, 0.5 fl.oz
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Glamorous Green Nails

Do you need to stop yourself from adding all of those gorgeous shades of green nail polish to your cart!  Weren’t those green nail ideas so inspiring?  Start by picking a few to try and order the nail polishes you’ll need today!  Don’t forget to come back and post a picture of your green and gorgeous nails!