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Deep set eyes can be mysterious, different, unique and sometimes, characteristic of a person’s ethnic background. The attractiveness of deep set eyes, just like any other eye shape, will be highly subjective. In this post, we will explore the meaning of having “deep set” eyes, whether or not they are considered masculine, how to tell if you have deep set eyes and how you may be able to make deep set eyes stand out.

What are deep set eyes?

What exactly is the definition of deep set eyes? What does it mean if you have deep set eyes?

Deep set eyes can be defined as eyes that tend to be large and appear to be set deeply in the skull, hence the phrase “deep set”. ‘

Having deep set eyes is a type of eye shape, and for some people, it bothers them. For many, however, having deep set eyes is a bonus. If there is any correcting to be done with deep set eyes it is being careful not to over-apply makeup, or not to apply it to the wrong places, because it can make the eyes look small, sunken and generally overwhelmed.


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Are deep set eyes masculine?

Both men and women can have deep set eyes, so answering the question of “Are deep set eyes masculine?” is highly subjective.

The topic has been explored by thousands of interested enthusiasts, however, we remain in the middle on this one. Like any other beauty trait, deep set eyes is simply a matter of shape and is not exclusively male or female.

Having said that, many women that have deep set eyes tend to find them less attractive on themselves, and as a result, often attempt to find a way to mask them or make them look more flattering through the use of makeup.

Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that we will explore later that can help females better sculpt their eyes and cause them to stand out, rather than giving them the illusion of sinking deeper into their face.

In men, however, this trait tends to be more widely accepting by the possessors themselves, and therefore, isn’t generally sought to be corrected.


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How to tell if you have deep set eyes

You can tell if you have deep set eyes by taking a look in the mirror and analyzing your face. This can also be done by looking at a photo of yourself. Do your eyes appear to be deeper in your face? Does your brow bone seem heavier? Are you able to easily see your eyelid or does it seem to be slightly receding?

Also, people with deep set eyes often have darker circles around their eyes that accompany their eye shape. If you notice these signs, you may have deep set eyes.

Here is a video to help you figure out how to tell you have deep set eyes:

You may also wish to consider observing varying celebrities with deep set eyes, and comparing their eye shape to yours. Well-known celebrities with deep set eyes include Cher, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Tom Cruise and Zac Efron.

Explore other common eye shapes to see which is most applicable to you.


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Are deep set eyes considered attractive?

On males

In general, men with deep set eyes are considered to be very attractive. In fact, there is a term that refers to men having this sort of eye shape and it is often referred to as “hunter eyes”.

Hunter eyes, as opposed to prey eyes, are further back into the skull. They are also usually almond shaped. This is deemed very attractive in men.

This can sometimes be synonymous with the “hooded” eye, which features a heavy brow bone and a retracting eyelid.

On females

Again, speaking in generalities, when it comes to females with deep set eyes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Literally, each person will view their own set of deep set eyes, or the deep set eyes of another, as more or less beautiful.

The trick is that because many women wear makeup, the type of makeup that is chosen can make a big difference in how attractive the eye looks. While the deep set eye on its own will be subjectively beautiful, the amount and type of makeup one chooses to wear on these types of eyes can cause the eyes to look sunken and harsh.


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How do you make a deep set eyes stand out?

In order to make deep set eyes stand out, particularly in ladies who want to make their eyes pop, there are a few things you can do.

When applying makeup, always be sure to use lighter shades. Because applying dark colors to any part of your eye other than your brows and lashes will cause your eyes to look smaller and more receding, you’ll want to avoid dark and harsh colors at all costs.

To be even more specific, let’s start at your lid.

Many women love to put eyeshadow on their eyelid, but for the one with deep set eyes, this needs to be done with caution. Rather than to avoid eyeshadow on the lid completely, you may choose to reach for a shade that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. You may also reach for shimmer if you wish. Never apply a dark color on your lid as this will highlight a sunken look.

After you’ve applied your eyeshadow, you may consider lightly lining your lid, especially if you have a lot of lid space, to minimize the size of your eyelid.

Next, you’ll want to focus on your crease. In general, we’d suggest skipping the shadow, here. That’s because, any amount of color here will set your eyes back instead of bringing them forward. If you must put color here, go with a light brown and apply it slightly above your crease. But again, you may be better off skipping this step as this may still come off as too harsh. Light and natural makeup is key, and as such, you may wish to see our post Best Natural Makeup Looks for more ideas.

Play around with these methods until you find something that works for you. At the end of the day, the best makeup look for you is the one that makes YOU feel beautiful!


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Deep Set Eyes ARE Attractive!

We celebrate eye shapes of all types. We encourage you to fully embrace what you’ve been given and work with what you’ve got!

There are many ways to cause your deep set eyes to stand out without causing them to look harsh with the use of the wrong makeup. After all, the point of makeup is to make you feel more confident, right?

We hope this post has helped guide you and has helped answer the question as to whether or not deep set eyes are attractive. Yes, they are!