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You’ve just taken the time to straighten and style your hair.  A few hours, or even minutes, later, you look in the mirror only to see that the ends of your hair have started curling up.  This can not only be frustrating, but also confusing if you don’t know why it is happening.  So, why does my hair curl at the end?  Keep reading, and we’ll help you understand what is happening and how you can help prevent it from happening in the future.

Why Does My Hair Curl at the End?

Why does my hair bend at the end?  This is such a common concern, and you’re certainly not alone in trying to understand what is happening with your hair to make it start to curl at the ends.  

We wish there was one simple explanation and solution to share with you, but there are actually quite a few possible explanations for hair curling at the ends.  Read through the next few sections to learn more about each explanation and determine which is the cause of your hair’s curling ends.

Hair Type 

Why does my hair curl up when it gets longer?  It is important to have an understanding of your hair type before trying to answer this question.  The four main types of hair include straight, wavy, curly, and coily.  Once you know your hair type, you can use it to choose the best hairstyle that will decrease the likelihood of your hair curling up at the ends.

Straight Hair

If you have naturally straight hair that has started curling up at the ends, you may be confused.  Your hair is straight, why is it getting curly at the ends.  One possible explanation is that the ends of your hair are hitting your shoulders and are unable to lay flat.  This can cause them to curl out.  Of course, this explanation may only fit if your hair is about shoulder-length.  Try growing your hair out past your shoulders or having it cut above your shoulders to prevent the curls from forming.

Wavy Hair

Why does my wavy hair curl at the end?  With wavy hair, curling ends may not be as noticeable.  However, if they aren’t the look you’re after, they can still be frustrating.  Split ends could be to blame for the curling tips.  Curling ends might also mean that you are using products that are too heavy for your wavy hair.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, but the tips of your hair aren’t looking as flowy and bouncy as the rest of your hair, you may feel deflated.  A possible explanation for this is that your tips have become damaged.  They may also benefit from a product defined to help define curls that could improve the appearance of the curl.

Coily Hair

Coily hair is similar to curly hair.  If the ends of your coily hair are flipping up, you may also want to look for a curling cream to help rejuvenate your hair.

Individuals with any hair type may suffer from split ends.  When your hair goes too long between haircuts, the ends of the hair become dry and damaged.  When this happens, the hair isn’t able to lay flat or straight and will be much more likely to curly up at the ends.  If you’ve noticed your hair doing this, it may just mean it is time to get a haircut or a little trim to clean up those split ends.

why does my wavy hair curl at the end


We blame a lot of things on our hormones.  But, curling hair can actually be caused by hormonal changes.  If you are dealing with a hormonal imbalance, it can lead to a number of problems, such as fatigue, muscle aches or weakness, pain near the joints, heart rate changes, and changes to your hair, such as curling at the ends.

If you suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance, contact your doctor.  They can run a blood test to check estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels and perform any other tests or exams that they think may be necessary.

It is important to address hormonal imbalances quickly.  Hair curling at the ends is only one possible symptom of an imbalance.  Hair loss and other more serious side effects may also occur.

Natural hormonal changes can also cause your hair type to change.  For example, if you have had straight hair, your hair may be changing to curly.  If you’re saying, “my natural hair only curls at the ends,” it may be an indication that you are in the middle of transitioning between these two hair types.

Menopause or Pregnancy

Menopause and pregnancy are two specific times when you may notice a change in your hair.  There are quite a few changes occurring in a woman’s body during these periods, and many can be difficult to explain.  

If you are pregnant and dealing with changes to your hair, they are likely caused by the hormonal changes occurring in your body.  In most cases, after you’re no longer pregnant, things should resolve themselves and return to normal.  However, this can take a while.  Some women will continue to notice changes to their hair after giving birth, including postpartum hair loss.

For those going through menopause, your body is also experiencing a lot of significant changes.  One of these changes can relate to the hair.  During and after menopause, many women note that their hair becomes thinner and doesn’t grow as quickly as it once did.  With thinner, less dense hair, it can be more likely for the ends to curl up.

how to stop the ends of my hair from curling up


Stress can really take a toll on your body.  And, that goes for all the parts of your body, including your hair.  In some cases, stress can even cause your hair type to change or lead to hair loss.

This is because hair isn’t essential to your survival.  So, when your body is dealing with so many other emotions and trying to keep all the essential organs and systems running, your hair may fall by the wayside.  Cortisol, a molecule our bodies produce when we are feeling stressed, can actually cause damage to your hair follicles.

If you suspect stress is the culprit for the curl in your hair, look for ways to reduce the amount of stress that you’re under.  You can also try to massage your scalp a few times a week to help increase blood flow.  With increased blood flow, your hair follicles can remain healthier.

Diet Changes

In some cases, your diet may also be responsible for changes to your hair.  If you’ve recently made a big change to your diet, it is possible that you are no longer getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals that your hair needs.  If this is the case for you, look at how your diet has changed to identify if you’ve removed any key vitamins or minerals that you should add in as a supplement.

why does my hair curl up when it gets longer


Why does my hair curl at the end when I straighten it?  If you use a flat iron, blow-dryer, or other heated styling tools, they can damage your hair.  These tools may lead your hair to become overly dry or dull.  They can also lead to increased frizziness or make your hair more difficult to tame and stay in the position you desire.

While cutting out all heated styling tools is the optimal solution, it is not always a realistic solution for many.  Still, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage to your hair. 

First, always use a heat protectant when using a blow-dryer, flat iron, or other heated styling tools.  You can also let your hair dry all the way before you use a curling iron or flat iron.  Then, use a lower temperature setting to reduce the heat damage to your hair.

Coloring and Bleaching

Two other possible reasons that the ends of your hair are curling up are coloring and bleaching.  Both of these can damage your hair and cause it to become less manageable.  Because the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair, they can become even weaker than the rest of your hair, which may cause them to curl up.

Coloring, and especially bleaching, can also cause split ends.  As we shared above, these may cause the ends of your hair to flip out.

If you bleach or color your hair, it is best to work with an experienced hair stylist who can minimize the damage to your hair.  You should also schedule regular trims to remove the damaged ends of the hair.  Additionally, adding a deep conditioner into your weekly hair care routine can help keep your hair as healthy as possible.

hair at the salon


Why does my hair curl at the end guys?  The climate of your region may be to blame.  Both overly dry and humid climates can impact how our hair looks and how manageable it is.  If you notice a change in the curl at the end of your hair at different times of the year or notice that it isn’t present when you travel to an area with a different climate, then this may be the explanation you’ve been searching for.

Dry Climates

Dry climates can lead to dried out and dull hair.  This is also a common winter hair problem, as there is less moisture in the air during the winter in many areas.  If you live in a dry climate, you’ll need to be vigilant about keeping your hair nourished and moisturized.  Try using a hair mask once a week.  You will also want to be sure to protect your hair by using a heat protectant before reaching for your heated styling tools.

Humid Climates

You’ve probably already noticed the impact humidity can have on your hair.  Frizzy hair is one of the most common symptoms of a humid climate.  The reason for this is when it is humid, the water molecules in the air and the proteins in your hair create a hydrogen bond.  This results in frizziness and curls, such as at the ends of your hair.

If you live in a humid climate, or need a solution for the more humid summer months, consider trying an oil based hair serum.  We’ll share a few of our favorites towards the end of the article, so be sure to keep reading.  In addition to adding a hair serum to your routine to tame the frizziness, you may also want to try a UV hair protection spray.  These sprays will help protect your hair against damage from the sun’s strong UV rays.

why does my hair bend at the end

How to Stop Your Hair From Curling at the Ends

If you’ve been pleading for help from all of your friends and saying, “how to stop hair from curling at the ends guys,” we’re here to help.  The right solution to stop your hair from curling at the ends can vary depending on the reason the curls are forming.

For example, if your hair is curling at the ends due to stress or diet changes, you’ll need to address these concerns before expecting to see any real changes to your hair. 

How to stop the ends of my hair from curling up?  There are a few general suggestions that may help prevent your hair from curling up as much at the ends.  Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Get a haircut to remove some excess weight.
  • Consider a bob haircut, where the bottom of the hair has more weight to keep the ends from curling up.
  • Try using an oil-based hair serum for frizzy hair to keep it from curling up at the ends.
  • Try brushing the curled ends of your hair in the opposite direction of the rest of your hair to help straighten them out.  
  • Use a flat iron to straighten the ends of your hair.

Watch this video to learn additional fixes for hair that is curling out at the ends.

Best Products to Help Keep the Ends of Your Hair From Curling Up

Oil-Based Serums

As we mentioned above, oil-based hair serums can help weigh down the tips of your hair and keep them from curling up.  They can be especially helpful if your hair is curling up due to frizziness or split ends.

Want to give an oil-based serum a try?  Here are a few we recommend:

Flat Irons

While heated styling tools, such as flat irons, are one of the possible explanations for curled ends, there are still times where you’ll want to use them.  If you really need to get the tips of your hair straight and don’t have time to try other methods, a flat iron can be the best solution.  Just try to use them as sparingly as possible to protect your hair from getting too damaged.

Here are a few of our favorite flat irons to try:

Heat Protectant

Don’t forget to also pick up a heat protectant if you plan to use a flat iron or any other heated styling tools.  They can help protect your hair against a lot of the damage that comes along with styling using heat.  

Here are some great heat protectants to try:

flat iron spread


Why does my hair curl at the ends when I cut it?

Why does my hair curl at the end when I cut it?  If the weight of your hair isn’t properly distributed after a haircut, it can cause the ends of the hair to curl.  When the stylist trims the external layers of your hair, they are taking away much of the weight of your hair, which can lead to an imbalance.  

Why does my hair curl at the end when braided?

There are a few different reasons your hair may curl at the ends when braided.  These include hormones, stress, and living in a humid climate.  You may find that larger braids are less likely to curl up than smaller braids.  The tips of smaller braids are very thin and less likely to stay down compared to those of a thicker braid.

why does my hair curl at the end when braided

Final Thoughts:  Why Does My Hair Curl at the End?

If you’ve been wondering why your hair is curling up at the end, did you find the answers you were looking for?  We know how annoying it can be when this happens!  We hope that our explanations and possible solutions help you out.  Which explanation sounds like the most likely reason for your curing ends?  What are you going to try to minimize the curl?

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