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When it comes to beauty products, people often hear horror stories and myths regarding whether or not specific products are safe.

Not only is it in terms of the ingredients, but people with particularly sensitive skin or any skin conditions may have further concerns regarding particular products and brands.

The fact of the matter is, all beauty products are tested and tried numerous times before they are put anywhere near our store shelves and sold to the public. However, this does not mean that they will not react with someone’s individual skin.

This is a particularly common concern when it comes to choosing and buying a self tanner. One product that is growing a lot in popularity is the Jergens Natural Glow self tanner. Jergens Natural Glow is available for both body and face, but a formula that works perfectly on the body may not have the same results on the face.

So, today I am going to try and answer all of your burning questions regarding Jergens self tanner. If you are looking for a natural glow that can be used on both your body and face, then by the end of this article you will know if Jergens is the one for you!

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What is Jergens?

To understand the safety of the products, it would be useful to give a quick background on the brand itself.

Jergens is a skincare brand that specializes in various moisturizers. They have a vast variety of moisturizers, all providing their own purpose, benefits, smells, and textures. Their products are available on their own website, but also on multiple other websites and in most drugstores. 

The main message behind Jergens’ products is that they want to enhance natural beauty and make people feel good simply from having smooth and beautiful skin. 

Whilst having a movement that aims to empower women through a natural and comforting message, as opposed to altering their appearance or applying pressure, Jergens is not a cruelty-free brand. Although they have positive messaging in terms of their clientele, they do still test their products on animals and so this may be an aspect of the brand that some purchasers may find off-putting. 

Is Jergens Natural Glow safe?

Like any products sold on anny shop shelf, or through an official and certified website, Jergens self-tanner is entirely safe to use and should not cause any problems. The ingredients used in Jergens self-tanner are very similar to those used in other brands of self-tanner. 

Jergens promote their products for specific skin types and so it is useful to check their label depending on your own preference. 

If you do have sensitive skin and have reacted badly to other self-tanners in the past, it is important to try and identify the ingredients that may have triggered this and to avoid them. If you have general sensitive skin, but no allergies, Jergens should be entirely safe to use.

For those with sensitive skin, avoiding products with added fragrance can help to reduce the risk of a reaction. Fragrance can often be a natural entity of a product, but with added fragrance this can often be unnatural. This is particularly the case when choosing products for your face.

The mousse version of Jergens self-tanner does have a fragrance mixed into the formula. This is to help counteract the bad smell that comes from self-tanner. However, the face self-tanner has absolutely no fragrance and so this could be an alternative for not only your face, but body as well if you suffer with very sensitive skin.

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Is it Safe to use Jergens Natural Glow on your face?

As mentioned, this product is specifically designed for your face. While other self-tanners by Jergens are designed for the body, Jergens Natural Glow Oil-free SPF 20 Face moisturizer is perfect for the face.

Not only is it safe for the face, but it is also safe to use on your body. However, this does not necessarily work the other way around. Just because a tan works safe on your body it does not mean it will be safe for your face. This is because the skin on your face is a lot more sensitive than that on your body. So this is important to consider when choosing which tan to purchase.

Is Jergens Natural Glow safe during pregnancy?

In general, it is completely safe to use fake tan creams and lotions during pregnancy. There is nothing in Jergens Natural Glow self-tan that would pose a threat to a woman or her baby.

Similarly, it is safe to use Jergens Natural Glow around babies and children too. But of course keep it out of reach of them as it is not safe to ingest.

Regarding fake tan, the only thing to be cautious of when pregnant is going for spray tans. This is because the effects of inhaling the spray are not yet known. So, in any case, if you are pregnant and looking for a self-tan, a lotion or mousse to apply at home, like one made by Jergens, would be the safest option.

Is Jergens Natural Glow safe for your tattoos?

Using Jergens Natural Glow on your tattoos is entirely safe, so long as your tattoo has completely healed. 

In fact, when it comes to any fake tans and moisturizers, your tattoo should be completely fine if it has completely healed over. Using a self-tanner is similar to most beauty products out there and the only caution you should have around it being unsafe should be the same caution you would have with any other moisturizers and self-tanners. 

Does Jergens Natural Glow have side effects?

Jergens Natural Glow does not have any known side effects. If applied properly, you should not suffer from using Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer.

However, in some cases, like any beauty product available, you may have an allergic reaction. Below are some common signs of a reaction:

  • Red or blistered skin
  • Swelling
  • Tightness in chest or throat
  • Difficulty breathing

Whilst these all sound quite scary, it is important to remember that using any beauty product can pose these risks. If you do experience any of the above it is important to try and remove as much of the product from your skin. Phone for emergency help if the symptoms are bad.

To avoid an allergic reaction with any product, you can try doing a patch test. This is where you use a small amount of the product on a certain area of skin. Of course, this does not guarantee that other parts of your body will not react. But it does reduce the chances. 

Can I use Jergens self-tanner if I have sensitive skin?

As mentioned, finding a self-tanner if you have sensitive skin may be a difficult job in general. Self-tanners tend to include many of the same ingredients. So if you react badly to one then it is likely you may react badly to others.

However, Jergens Natural Glow Oil-free SPF 20 Face moisturizer is designed specifically for those who have sensitive skin. Not only is it fragrance-free, but the built-in SPF helps to provide sun protection as well.

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This can be perfect for not only your face, but if you do have sensitive skin on your body as well then you can use it to tan your body. As it is a small bottle designed for the face, it may become expensive to use it as a full-body tanner, but ideal if you only suffer from sensitive skin on your face or certain areas.

It is important to note that even though it comes with SPF, it may be safer to use it alongside another sunscreen too for extra protection, as SPF 20 can be considerably low for some people spending a lot of time in the sun.

Will Jergens self-tanner clog my pores?

Finding a tanner that doesn’t clog pores can be extremely important. Clogged pores can cause blackheads. So for those who may already struggle with blackheads and spots, adding a tan to this may increase the problem. 

When looking for a tanner or any beauty product, specifically searching for one that does not clog pores, you should look for one that promotes itself as ‘non-comedogenic’. Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner does promote itself as non-comedogenic, alongside many of their other products.


In terms of clogging pores, Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner has some great reviews. It does not appear to be oil or greasy enough to have any repercussions regarding pores.

Looking for a non-comedogenic moisturizer or tanner is [particularly important when purchasing products for your face. Blackheads are not so common on the body, but can be a great problem for the face.

Jergens Natural Glow Tips and Tricks

If you have gotten this far in the article and have decided that perhaps Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner is the product for you, below are my top 5 tips for applying it. Follow these steps and you will achieve the safest, most even and flawless results!

  • Patch test – As mentioned, patch testing is a great way to ensure the product is safe for your skin type and this can also help give you an indication of the color it will go.
  • Exfoliate – Exfoliating before applying tan will help to remove any dead skin before application and will give an overall smoother and more even result.
  • Use a mitt – Using a tanning mitt or tanning gloves will help to apply the tan more evenly, but will also prevent your palms from turning orange. This will also spread the product out more so that it lasts for longer.
  • Stay moisturized – keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized whilst wearing fake tan will not only help it to last, but will also prevent it going patchy.
  • Soak and scrubs – when it comes to removing the tan, if you soak in a bath and use a body scrub then this will help to remove the tan so that you can avoid those patchy stages.

Is Jergens Natural Glow Safe to Use? Yes!

When it comes to Jergens, you are just as safe to use their products as you would be any other beauty brand.

They have a number of products, some specifically for sensitive skin.

If you do suffer from sensitive skin, be sure to use products that do not have fragrance added, do a patch test where possible, and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

There are no known side effects of Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner, but like any product there is a risk you may react.

When pregnant or tattooed, the product poses no risk and should be treated like any other moisturizer.

If Jergens does sound like an ideal brand for you and you decide to purchase their Natural Glow self-tanner, there are a number of steps you can follow to ensure the product gives you the best results!

Overall, Jergens create a wide variety of products, and their self-tanners are safe to use as are any other store-bought self-tanners. If in doubt, do a patch test, but if not, enjoy your golden glow!

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Does Jergens natural glow actually work?

Jergens Natural Glow is a very popular product that is proven to give great, long-lasting results.

How long does it take for Jergens natural glow to work?

Jergens Natural Glow delivers a natural look by developing over a few days. You should allow at least three days for the color to develop into a healthy glow, but after application you must avoid exercise and swimming for at least four hours to see any difference at all.

Does Jergens Natural Glow leave streaks?

Jergens Natural Glow will not leave streaks if applied properly and left on for the correct amount of time before washing or exercising. Exfoliating beforehand and using a mitt can also help to avoid any streaks.