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Looking for the best way to get rid of your acne?  Stridex pads can be very effective.  However, like most other skin care products, knowing how to use them is essential if you’re looking to achieve the best results possible.  Take a few minutes to read through our tips for how to use Stridex pads and to learn more about why Stridex pads are an effective treatment.

How to Use Stridex Pads

Looking for the best way to use Stridex pads to clear up acne?  Use the steps below to help ensure you get the best results possible from using Stridex pads.

  • Use a cleanser or face wash to clean your face and remove any excess dirt.
  • Use a towel to pat your skin to dry it.
  • Wipe the portion of your face with the Stridex pad that is affected by acne.  Take care not to scrub as it can irritate the face; rather use gentle wiping motions.
  • When wiping the face, don’t get too close to your lips, eyes, or other mucous membranes.
  • Throw out the dirty Stridex pad and repeat the steps above with a clean pad(s) until the wipe you use looks clean after rubbing your face.
  • As you wipe your skin, avoid letting the pad stay on any one area for too long, as it may irritate the skin.
  • These steps should be repeated every day for three to four weeks.  You may choose to use Stridex pads between one and three times each day over this period.
Stridex, Single-Step Acne Control, Maximum, Alcohol Free, 90 Soft Touch Pads

Does Stridex Work?

Do Stridex pads actually work is a question that many individuals share.

The short answer is that yes, they can be quite effective at reducing acne.  Below we’ll detail more information about how effective Stridex pads are and why they work so well.

Do Stridex Pads Work?

Yes, Stridex pads work well for most individuals.  They are formulated with 2% salicylic acid, which is oil soluble.  The salicylic acid is able to travel deep into the layers of skin on your face and break down oils.  These oils are what clogs your pores and leads to acne, so breaking them down can reduce acne flare ups.  Salicylic acid also offers anti-inflammatory properties and is an antibacterial substance, which can also help individuals battling acne.

How Long does it Take for Stridex Pads to Work?

The amount of time it will take Stridex pads to work will vary for each user.

Most people begin to see some results after three to four weeks, but it will likely take closer to eight weeks to see more noticeable improvements.

Stridex, Single-Step Acne Control, Maximum, Alcohol Free, 90 Soft Touch Pads

Is Stridex Good for Your Face?

In general, Stridex is safe to use.  It doesn’t contain alcohol, so unlike other acne treatments it won’t dry out your skin.  While salicylic isn’t a natural ingredient, it is safe to use and effective at reducing acne.  The 2% concentration of salicylic acid in Stridex is sufficient to break down the oils in the skin to reduce acne breakouts.

When to Use Stridex in Routine

The best time to use Stridex pads is after cleansing your face.  Ideally, use them before your face has a chance to dry completely, so you’ll want to apply Stridex right after washing your face and patting it dry.

Can I Use Stridex Pads Every Day?

You can use Stridex pads every day, but you may want to start off more gradually and only use them a few times a week.  Some individuals with more sensitive skin may breakout more when they use Stridex pads.  Different skin types respond differently to the salicylic acid in Stridex pads, and starting out more gradually can minimize the reaction if your skin doesn’t respond well.  After two weeks of only using the pads a few times a week, you should be fine to increase your usage if your skin doesn’t seem to be irritated by the pads.

Can I Use Stridex Twice a Day

You may find that using Stridex twice a day is effective for your skin.  Since each person’s skin is different, though, results may vary.  Some individuals find that if they use Stridex two times a day, it irritates their skin and leads to breakouts.  The best way to use Stridex is to start gradually and monitor how your skin responds to it.

Stridex Pads Reviews

Like nearly any other product, reviews for Stridex pads are a bit mixed.

Though, overall, most users are very happy with their decision to try Stridex pads and are impressed with the results they found.

Stridex Pads Before and After

Customers who share their before and after photos for using Stridex pads demonstrate how effective this product can be.  The before and after images show a clear improvement of the skin and reduction in the amount of acne present.

What are the General Reviews for Stridex Pads

Read what some users of Stridex Single Step Pads and Stridex Strength Medicated Pads said they loved about these products.

  • Clears up acne and makes skin look healthier
  • Leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Ready to apply; don’t need to purchase separate pads to use
  • Inexpensive compared to other acne treatments

Stridex Cons

Have you been asking “Can Stridex make acne worse” or “are Stridex pads bad for your face?”  Read through the cons of using Stridex to learn a few potential downsides for using this acne treatment.

  • A few users found that Stridex makes acne worse for them, though most saw the opposite result.
  • Salicylic acid may leave permanent stains on darker skin tones.
  • Stridex pads can dry out or irritate sensitive skin.
  • Some individuals experience flaking, peeling, or redness after using Stridex pads.
Stridex Daily Care Acne Pads Maximum Strength, 90 ct

Stridex Pads FAQs

Still have a few questions about using Stridex pads?

Read through some Stridex FAQs below.

Are you supposed to wash off Stridex pads?

It is not required to wash off Stridex pads after using them, but you may find this is the best solution for your skin type.  If you notice that your skin is getting irritated after using Stridex pads, you may want to wash your face off about 20 to 30 minutes after using the pads.

Are Stridex pads a toner?

Some Stridex pads may work like a toner since they have an appropriate pH level.

Stridex Pads Ingredients

The active ingredient in Stridex pads is salicylic acid 2.0%.  The other ingredients in Strides are ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium xylenesulfonate, citric acid, DMDM hydantoin, *fragrance, *menthol, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, purified water, simethicone, sodium borate, tetrasodium EDTA.

What Ingredients in Stridex Make it Work?

The active ingredient in Stridex, salicylic acid, travels into the layers of the skin to break down oils.  This allows it to unclog the pores on the face and get rid of acne breakouts.

Another ingredient that helps Stridex work is the menthol.  Menthol is the ingredient that delivers the cooling sensation after you wipe your face with the pads.

What Skin Types Can Stridex Word Best For?

If you have more sensitive skin, you may find that Stridex pads are not an ideal solution for you.  Some individuals with sensitive skin experience breakouts when they use Stridex pads.

Other individuals with sensitive skin have found that they are able to use Stridex pads if they modify their routine.  For example, these individuals may only use the pads a few times a week instead of daily.

Other individuals find success with washing their face about 20 to 30 minutes after using a Stridex pad.

Say Bye to Acne!

Stridex pads are an effective solution for many individuals battling acne.  The salicylic acid works well to clear up oils in the skin and unclog the pores.  Since everyone’s results are different, you may want to start slow to see how your skin responds to using Stridex pads.

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