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Getting raw chicken juice in eye can be a scary thing. Most know the consequences of internalizing raw chicken juice, and as such, may balk at the idea of such a substance entering their eyes. But does it pose any risk? Read on to learn more about the consequences of getting raw chicken juice in your eye and what you should do about it if it happens.

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What Do You Do If You Get Raw Chicken Juice In Your Eye?

If you get raw chicken juice in your eye, first and foremost, don’t panic. Though this is easier said than done, panicking may cause you to engage in unwanted behaviors that may make matters worse.

For example, if you’re not thinking clearly, you may begin rubbing your eyes frantically because getting raw chicken juice, or any juice, acid or otherwise foreign liquid in your eye, is likely to sting.

However by rubbing your eyes, you are only pushing whatever foreign liquid is in your eye deeper into the eye which can make matters worse in terms of risk for infection, scratching your cornea and other ocular health issues.

Rather than rubbing your eyes, you may calmly shut your eye and gather your supplies to begin the irrigation process. “Irrigation” is the process by which an individual washes out a contaminated organ with either water or a medicated liquid.

In this case, you may use plain water or artificial tears.

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And while both water and artificial tears are perfectly viable options, always be careful what type of water you are using for the irrigation process. The water must be clean, and if you have artificial tears on hand, you may wish to use that instead of water as some water may contain bacterial components that you aren’t aware of that can enter the eye and cause infection of its own.

We will go in-depth about how to properly go about flushing out your eyes later in the post.

Is It Bad to Get Raw Chicken Juice in Your Eye?

Getting raw chicken in eye can be harrowing, but actually, many doctors agree that because of the protective lining that covers your eye, getting a little chicken juice splashed in them is no big deal.

Bear in mind that this pertains to many liquids, including that of lemon juice, however, you’ll still want to take measures to rid yourself of the potential harmful liquid through the process of irrigation to prevent infection.

It is also worth noting that raw chicken juice may pose the risk for listeria which can actually bypass the eye’s initial protective surface and cause an infection. Therefore, never skip the irrigation process.

Also, remember that our tears are slightly basic, which will help neutralize acidic liquids like lemon juice and moderately acidic chicken juice.  However, you should never go about trying to “neutralize” something that enters your eyes, on your own. Follow safe methods as described below for flushing out your eyes at home and follow up with a medical professional if you aren’t seeing any improvement.

Can You Get Salmonella From Chicken Juice?

Salmonella eye infection

According to doctors and most research, contracting salmonella in eye from exposure to chicken juice is extremely rare. Because your cornea acts as a protective barrier and first defense to your eye, things like chicken juice getting splashed in the eye shouldn’t cause you to contract salmonella. In order for that to happen, you’d need to have ingested the chicken juice.

What Do You Do If You Get a Raw Egg in Your Eye?

Raw egg in your eye is much like getting raw chicken juice in your eye…. it isn’t likely to do much damage.

Still, as with any liquid entering your eye, there may be a chance for infection, particularly if you begin rubbing your eyes. Instead of rubbing, flush your eyes out immediately to rid yourself of the risk.

Is Getting Raw Egg in Your Eye Bad?

Getting anything that is foreign in your eye, whether it be raw chicken juice, lemon juice or raw egg, can be uncomfortable to say the least. Sometimes it can be painful, and yes, in some cases, you might run the risk for infection.

Rather than take the risk, use artificial tears or water using the methods detailed below to flush any toxins out of your eyes.

How Do You Flush Out Your Eye?

There are several ways you may go about flushing out your eyes.

  1. First and foremost, always be sure to remove any contact lenses or eyeglasses you are wearing before beginning the process.
  2. Next, make sure that you wash your hands before touching your eyes.
  3. Stand in the shower facing the stream and allow the water to cascade down your forehead and into your eyes for up to 15 minutes. Keep your eyes wide open during this time for as long as you can to ensure that eyes are properly flushed. When doing this, do not tilt your head back. Continue standing upright.
  4. Another method is to run your eyes under a running faucet in the sink. Simply tilt your head to one side and put your eyes in the way of the flowing stream for up to 15 minutes. This will allow water to run over your eyes effectively flushing them out.
  5. You may try the aforementioned method without a flow of water but with artificial tears, instead. Simply tilt your head to one side, not back, and flush your eyes out a similar way, over the sink.

For more information on the irrigation process and for other methods of flushing out your eyes, check out How to Safely Flush Out Your Eye.

Raw Chicken Juice in Eye? Don’t Panic!

If you do happen to get raw chicken juice splashed in your eye, remember, it is important not to panic. Always resist your urge to rub your eyes and choose to irrigate them using clean water or artificial tears, instead. Generally speaking, raw chicken juice splashed in your eye will cause little to no harm assuming that you properly irrigate them. Still, if you experience redness, swelling or discomfort, even after flushing out your eyes, it is advisable that you seek the immediate advice of a medical professional.

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