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These days, it isn’t uncommon to find interesting new and natural ways to cure various health ailments and physical issues by conducting a search online. But are these methods safe? In this post, we’ll look into the health ramifications of putting lemon juice in eye to determine whether this method of curing various eye problems is a help or hindrance to your ocular health.

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Lemon Juice in Eye

Sometimes, lemon in eye is an accidental happening and isn’t something you were trying to do on purpose. When something splashes in your eye, it can be painful and worrisome, and this is especially true when it comes to lemon in eyes. As it burns, you may begin to worry whether or not this will have an adverse affect on your eye health.

Lemon juice in eye what to do

While this certainly can have a negative effect on your eye health, lemon juice in your eye that was accidentally splashed there while you were in the kitchen or elsewhere, isn’t likely to be a need for concern.

Still, it will burn, so you’ll need to know how to get it out for relief.

Is lemon juice in the eye dangerous?

Lemon juice in eye can be dangerous, especially if it is done consistently and on purpose. While the occasional splash of lemon juice whilst in the kitchen won’t typically be too harmful, frequent exposure of the eye to lemon juice can have a negative impact on the cornea, or surface, of your eye, and may even cause infection or impact your vision.

Bear in mind that some risks you run by putting lemon juice in your eye, whether diluted or undiluted, may never be able to be reversed.

Can lemon juice blind you?

While lemon juice eyes can damage the surface layers of your eye, it typically does not do damage to the deeper layers of the eye to cause blindness, especially when exposure is limited and accidental.

However, persistent, ongoing, purposeful and undiluted lemon juice placed directly in the eye over a long period of time is bound to create issues, one of which may be blindness, in severe cases.

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How to Remove Lemon Juice From Eye

If you accidentally splash lemon juice in your eye while in the kitchen, remain calm. Irrigate your eyes using clean water and consider getting kitchen goggles to guard against such happenings.

If your eyes continue to burn for a long period of time, you experience swelling or your vision has been impaired, seek the help of a healthcare professional, right away.

Is it good to put lemon in your eyes?

Is putting lemon juice in your eye bad?

Putting lemon juice in your eye isn’t recommended, though many claim it heals various problems associated with poor eye health. These claims hinge upon the fact that lemon juice is antibacterial and antiseptic, which is why it is so often used for cleaning.

And while it is true that lemon juice offers a host of benefits for the body and for disinfecting purposes, the truth is that lemon juice is highly acidic making it an unfit candidate to be squeezed into the eye. No one should ever squeeze an acid of any sort, natural or unnatural, into the eye in an effort to rid their eye of problems. To do so would be to create issues that weren’t originally there, or potentially make matters even worse.

Can you change your eye color with lemon juice?

Looking to change your eye color naturally with lemons?

Because lemon juice is an acid, it will change the color of your eyes, but maybe not in the way that you want. Likely, your eyes will turn bright red from having put undiluted, or sometimes even diluted, lemon juice in your eye causing the white part of your eye to become irritated and inflamed.

If you are interested in lightening your eye color, never use lemon juice to do so. Make note that there is no research that indicates that pouring lemon juice of any kind in your eye while causing your eyes to change color, and you are likely causing permanent damage to your eyes that cannot be reversed.

Does putting lemon juice in your eyes make them lighter?

Again, there is no actual evidence that lemon juice for eyes makes their color lighter. For lighter eyes, it is advisable to go the safest route which is to talk with your doctor about ways to lighten your eyes, including sterile contact lenses.

Lemon juice for eye infection

Can you use lemon juice to treat eye infections?

While pouring diluted or undiluted lemon juice directly in your eye to treat eye infections is never advised, there may be un-researched benefits to drinking the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a cup of water over a period of time to ease itchy eye flareup from allergies.

Having said this, while there are may be many rumors swirling about that claim that lemon juice can cure pink eye, which is otherwise referred to as conjunctivitis, the truth is that citric acid in eyes will only work to irritate your eyes and possibly cause problems over time, even if this method seems to work.

Lemon juice in eye before and after

What happens to your eye after you put lemon juice?

As you may expect, putting lemon juice in your eye, especially straight, will hurt. Beyond this feeling of pain, though, lemon juice in the eye can severely damage your cornea, which is the outer layer of your eye that perceives light. It can also cause damage to ciliary bodies, collagen fibers and other necessary functions of our eyes, causing irrevocable damage that has the potential to last a lifetime.

How Do You Apply Lemon to Your Eyes?

If you are still convinced that lemon is good for your eyes, then you may wish to search for highly reviewed and well-documented over-the-counter lemon juice eye drops for your eyes instead of creating your own concoction at home.

The issue, however, is that lemon eye drops can rarely be found due to the acidic nature of lemns. Very few people would likely buy them. Thus, we have no suggestion for any particular highly rated lemon eye drops that are safe for your eyes in this post.

Nevertheless, many people make lofty claims that their aged relatives used a lemon juice eye bath for most of their life and passed away with 20/20 vision and no eye problems. While this may be the case with some, it isn’t a guarantee for you.

Those who do try the method will almost always use diluted eye drops, no more than 2-3 drops of lemon juice dispersed in a 8 oz cup of water to be rinsed over the eye for a few seconds. Some also place an eye cup that fits around the eye socket over their eye to achieve the same.

Bear in mind that the water being used during this process would also need to be purified and clean. Tap water, contaminated water or even a dirty cup puts you at the risk of infection.

Again, we do NOT recommend this method. Speak to your doctor or other health professional about your eye health goals or ocular ailments to be prescribed a sterile and safe way of treating your eyes so as not to cause permanent damage by trying unproven remedies at home.

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True Benefits of Lemon Juice

So, what are some ways that lemon juice can actually be beneficial for human health?

It goes without saying that there are many health benefits to internal and external application of lemon juice, though even this has caveats.

Many enjoy lemon water, for example, to promote weight loss, detoxify and for better skin. But too much of a good thing is rarely a good thing, and too much lemon water may cause issues, too.

Other benefits of lemon juice include lowered blood pressure, the addition of potassium and other nutrients, aiding in digestion and so much more. Those with gastrointestinal issues, frequent heartburn or who are pregnant may wish to forgo consuming too much lemon, as the acid in it may irritate your stomach.

For more information about the benefits and side effects of lemons and lemon juice see Benefits and Side Effects of Lemon Juice and Health Benefits of Lemons.

Lemon Juice in Eye: Not a Good Idea

To conclude, putting lemon juice in your eye is not a good idea for many reasons. From ruining the outer layer of your eye to causing inflammation, redness and swelling, there are copious reasons why one would need to divert from putting lemon juice of any sort in their eyes. Remember, too much of a good thing rarely ever remains a good thing!

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