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Looking to change eye color permanently? For many, this form of beautification can be exhilarating, to say the least. Those with brown eyes may wish to have hazel and those with green eyes may wish for them to be blue. Whatever your fancy, you may have heard that you can change eyes color with honey. But is it true? In this post, we will explore ways in which you may be able to use honey to lighten eyes, as well as precautions you’ll need to take if you choose to do so.

Can Honey Make Your Eyes Lighter?

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Putting honey in your eyes

The idea of putting honey in your eyes may garner split reactions from people, and rightly so. You’ll always want to avoid haphazardly putting any sort of foreign object or liquid in the eyes, as doing so can cause burning, pain, swelling and infection.

But using honey to change eye color has been so wildly popular that it is bound to work, right?

Can you put honey in your eyes?

First and foremost, lightening your eyes with honey can and has been done as a natural ways to change eye color.

While this procedure should never be performed by pouring honey straight into the eye, diluted honey may be dropped into the eyes as it had been proven in some cases to help with certain eye ailments because of honey’s antiseptic properties, especially when combined with water.

Is putting honey in your eyes safe?

So, is it safe to put honey in your eyes?

If done the right way, it may be safe to put honey into the eyes. But be careful. Dirty or otherwise contaminated honey, and especially contaminated or regular “tap” water, should NEVER be dropped into the eye. Doing so may cause swelling and infection which may cause permanent damage, or even blindness.

Before attempting to put honey and water in your eyes, it is warranted to seek the advice of a healthcare professional first to weigh the pros and cons. Or you may order pre-mixed honey eye drops as mentioned later on in this post.


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Does Honey Make Your Eyes Lighter?

Can you change your eye color with honey?

To change your eye color naturally will take patience and caution, however, many have seen results when using clean honey drops in eyes at home.

This isn’t to say that this method is scientifically-backed. None of the anecdotal claims of individuals that have seen results from this method have been studied or researched, despite the claimed success of  lightening eyes from many people.

What is true is that, when combined with water, honey has the ability to form small and natural amounts of hydrogen peroxide which can have mild bleaching effects. Many believe that it is this chemical reaction that actually causes the eye color to change with time. It is for this reason that it is never recommended that one put raw honey straight into the eye. Doing so would not be as effective as no chemical reaction between the honey, water and your natural tears to form peroxide has transpired.

How long does it take for honey to lighten your eyes?

In general, it is recommended that honey eye drops, whether purchased on the market or made at home, be used for up to two weeks before noting any significant changes. In fact, quick and startling changes to eye color should actually worry you.

If at any point you notice a rapid change in eye color in a day or two such as going from brown to blue or vice versa, you’ll want to see a medical professional immediately as this may indicate that something may be going wrong with your health.


What happens if you put honey in your eyes?

Honey to lighten eyes results

If you choose to put honey in your eyes, it could honestly be a sticky mess!

Remember, the honey to be used here is to be diluted and not poured directly into the eye. This could have negative effects on your eye health and still wouldn’t be as effective. It is the reaction of the honey with water that is said to be the cause of lighter or color-changing eyes.

Side effects of putting honey in your eyes

The side effects of putting anything that is foreign, food or non-sterile in your eyes can be devastating. If you opt to put contaminated honey or tap water in your eyes, you run a real risk.

For safety, we recommend following the rules mentioned below for safe administration of honey eye drops to the eyes as a natural way to change your eye color without risking permanent eye damage.

If you notice pain, discomfort, swelling or redness after applying diluted honey to the eye, see your medical provider, immediately.


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Can You Lighten Your Eye Color?

Can you naturally change your eye color?

Is it possible to change your eye color naturally?

Lightening your eye color without surgery can be done, but remember, most natural means of doing so aren’t backed by research. Using honey to lighten eyes has been touted as a legit way to change your eye color, but it comes with its own set of risks, as well.

To minimize risks, consider following the steps for adding honey to your eyes as detailed below.


How Do You Lighten Your Eye Color?

How can I naturally lighten my eye color?

It may be possible to change your eye color naturally, but it will take skill, patience and caution when doing so. If no results are seen in two weeks of consistent use of honey eye drops, it may be time to speak with your doctor about other methods that can help you achieve the color you desire in a safe and effective way.

How to make your eyes lighter naturally with honey

In order to make your eyes lighter, naturally with honey, you’ll want to do the following:

  • First, boil the water you are using. By distilling your water, you are eliminating any germs that may be lurking within that can cause your eyes swelling and inflammation, as well as permanent eye damage.
  • Next, make sure you are using the right kind of honey. Raw beech honeydew honey is said to be the best for lightening eyes, as well as manuka honey. Whatever honey you use, you’ll want to make sure it is free of contaminants before putting it into such a precious and sensitive organ, such as your eyes.
  • Combine the boiled water and honey at a 1:5 ratio, with the 1 being a cup of water and the 5 being 5 teaspoons of honey, while the water is still hot. You could also combine the two and boil. Either way, make sure the mixture has cools completely before adding it to a sterile dropper for eyes.
  • Drop this mixture into your eyes, doing 2-3 drops per eye for two weeks. This may produce stunning results for you, especially when using beech honey.

For more instructions on how to safely administer homemade eye drops, as well as their benefits and uses, see How to Use Honey to Help Your Eyes.

How to change your eye color naturally at home

Besides using honey and water, do not attempt this method using plain hydrogen peroxide. Yes, it is easy to want to bypass the doctor and lighten eyes at home, but forgoing the aforementioned method and putting hydrogen peroxide drops in your eyes is likely to cause permanent, long term and irrevocable damage. Never do this!

How to change eye color naturally with food

It has been said that there are certain foods that when digested can actually change your eye color, though only temporarily. These foods include ginger, spinach, honey, onion, olive oil, chamomile tea, and Uva Ursi tea.

How to change eye color naturally without contacts

Changing eye color naturally without contacts or invasive surgeries may be achieved. Check out the above techniques for more information on how to potentially do this safely using honey and distilled and diluted water.


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How to lighten eye color

How can I make my eyes look lighter?

Ways to make your eyes look lighter include contacts, laser surgery and the honey method mentioned above.

You may also eat certain foods or drinks to lighten your eyes, though only temporarily, as well.

How to reduce melanin in eyes

Melanin is what is responsible for giving darker eyes and green eyes their deep, beautiful, haunting color. If you really want to get rid of this, surgery that minimizes the amount of melanin in your eyes will need to be performed.

How to lighten your eye color permanently

Is it possible to change your eye color permanently?

Many claim that by using honey they see eye color change permanently. Also, laser surgery may also change eye color permanently.

Can you get your eye color permanently changed?

When you get your eye color permanently changed, no matter what method you use, it will take time.

You can expect up to two weeks, even after having the procedure surgically done, to see a noticeable change in eye color, as it is often the healing process after surgery that provides the stunning results.

How to change your eye color permanently without surgery?

Without surgery, the honey method may be the best route to go.

Remember, this will take patience and time. A sudden change is eye color is actually a cause for concern and may indicate underlying illness. You may also try contact lenses as prescribed by a doctor that have been fitted for your eyes.


Eye drops that change eye color permanently

Are there eye drops that change eye color?

There are drops on the market that claim to lighten eyes. Some claim that these products sting the eyes, and some do not.

Bear in mind that even drops made at home may sting the eyes, and stinging is always a warning sign that something could be wrong. Trust your instincts in this area.

Eye lightener drops

For the purpose of this post, we may recommend checking out the Melipona Bee Honey eye drops as a feasible solution.




However, these drops do not claim to change the color of the eye. Still, this solution contains honey and water and is pre-mixed which may be easier and more convenient to use to achieve your eye color goals.


Why are my eyes getting lighter in color?

What causes eye color to lighten?

If you notice that your eyes are getting lighter in color, it could simply be biology at play. For many, eyes get lighter with age, during different seasons, or even with certain foods they eat.

However, if you notice a sudden and overnight shift in eye color change rather than a gradual change over time, it may be time to see your doctor. This could indicate disease such as Honrner’s Syndrome and others. For more information, see Is It Possible to Change Your Eye Color.


Change Eyes Color With Honey: May Be Possible!

Contrary to what you may believe, changing your eye color with honey may be possible when following the right procedures, but it also comes with its own set of risks.

We recommend doing this under the guidance of a healthcare professional, while also considering other safer options, such as disposable contact lenses, to acquire the look you wish to achieve.

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