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Green tea is a beverage that is known for its many health advantages. People have been drinking it enthusiastically in Japan for longer than many individuals even grasp. There are various specific types of green tea options that people can consider enjoying. Brown rice green tea or “genmaicha” is one prominent example. If this drink is brand new on your radar, then you should learn more about it ASAP. Learning about brown rice green tea health benefits may just encourage you to add the drink to your daily or weekly routine.

Harney & Sons Genmaicha Loose Leaf Green Tea, 8 Ounce tin, Japanese tea with brown rice kernalsWhat Is Brown Rice Green Tea or Genmaicha?

Genmaicha, in a nutshell, is a brown rice green tea beverage that hails from Japan. It is made up of a blend of green tea and brown rice that’s both popped and roasted.

“Popcorn tea” is another common name for the drink.

Genmaicha boasts a taste that’s somewhat robust and nutty. This is due to the rice’s starch and sugar content.

Genmaicha was thought to be fitting for impoverished folks in historic Kyoto. The brown rice addition made the beverage a lot more economical than classic tea mixes that were out there.

What Kind of Tea Is Genmaicha?

It can help anyone to learn about brown rice green tea health benefits. It can help just as much to learn about genmaicha vs green tea.

Genmaichai is significantly more budget-friendly than standard green tea is. It utilizes higher amounts of water as well. The inclusion of roasted rice is the final thing that differentiates genmaichai and basic green tea choices that are available.

Brown Rice Green Tea Health Benefits

There are quite a few health benefits that are attached to the consumption of brown rice green tea or simply genmaicha. Brown rice green tea, first of all, is chock-full of antioxidants like ascorbic acid and carotenoids. If you consume genmaicha routinely, it may give your immune system a welcome upgrade. It can even eliminate many unpleasant bodily toxins.

Good for Blood Sugar

Brown rice green tea can balance out the blood sugar.

Encountering blood sugar swings can bring on crabby behavior and perhaps even succumbing to “bad” food desires.

Genmaicha, though, has the ability to introduce balance to the body’s amounts of blood sugar.

That’s the reason it can come in handy for people who have diabetes.

If you’re prone to dreaming about junk food, genmaicha may help you steer clear of giving in to problematic temptations that are right in front of you.

For Managing Weight

It can be problematic to carry about immoderate body weight.

If you’re overweight or perhaps even obese, brown rice green tea intake may be exactly the thing that you need. That’s due to the fact that this beverage can do a lot for folks who wish to lose weight.

This tea has something that’s known as EGCG, a kind of antioxidant that boosts the operations of catecholamine within the body. This is a hormone that is connected to the muscles and even to responses to frustrating life circumstances. It’s connected to the loss of fat as well. It simultaneously inhibits appetites and speeds up the burning of fat.

If you consume genmaicha in conjunction with a nutritious and well-rounded diet, you should be able to take full control of your weight.

Good for Cholesterol

Genmaicha can be good for cholesterol applications. It can enhance good cholesterol and at the same time decrease amounts of its bad counterpart. Countless people pass away as the result of heart disease annually. That’s why people should stay on top of their cholesterol situations no matter what. Genmaicha can minimize the blood’s bad cholesterol and because of that can help make people a lot less susceptible to cardiovascular concerns. It contains selenium that can enhance blood flow and keep heart disease development at bay.

Can Help Cancer

Cancer is something that leads to many fatalities globally. If you don’t want to be prone to the emergence of any kind of cancer, then it may help you significantly to consume brown rice green tea. Cancer is the outcome of cell growth that’s hard to manage.

EGCG in genmaicha can make people less vulnerable to various forms of cancer by inhibiting cells that spread it. Consuming this beverage after getting surgery for cancer may stop the disease from coming back.

Gut Health

Gastrointestinal system concerns are the bane of existence for so many people everywhere.

This tea is a strong diuretic, and that’s the reason it can minimize the discomfort of bloating. It can keep the retention of water away as well. If you want to be able to eliminate toxin buildup and immoderate water accumulation, genmaicha intake may be able to help you do so.

People who are struggling with tummy woes often get a lot out of brown rice green tea intake.

Helps with Asthma

Drinking this tea can in some cases help people who have chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma. Genmaicha includes selenium that can make asthma symptoms feel a lot less severe. If you want to get a grip on wheezing, shortness of breath and anything else asthma-related, genmaicha may be a substantial help.

Sleep Aid

Sleep hygiene is an issue for many people everywhere. It isn’t uncommon for people to lack sleep on a nightly basis.

Genmaichai is a tea that has the ability to promote feelings of pure serenity. That’s how it can help people who want to get sufficient rest. It features a neurotransmitter by the name of GABA. This neurotransmitter can be terrific for tranquility purposes.

The tea also has amino acids that can be beneficial for taking it easy.

Energy Boost

Is constant exhaustion an issue for you?

If it is, then genmaicha may be able to turn it around thanks to its B-complex vitamins. If you want to feel alert and like you can seize the day, there are few beverages that can hold a candle to brown rice green tea.

Hormone Levels

The selenium that’s in genmaicha can stay on top of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is a gland that’s close to the neck. It’s also something that manufactures vital hormones. If you lack selenium, then you may develop feebleness of the muscles, a grouchy mood, eyesight difficulties, excessive skin dryness and even sleeping woes.

Is genmaicha tea good for you? The truth is that it is. It can open fans up to a host of health advantages. It doesn’t matter if you want to sleep like a baby or simply make yourself a lot less vulnerable to dangerous medical conditions.

Zen no Ocha Genmaicha tea - Japanese loose leaf Organic Green tea 3.53oz 100g (Made in Kyoto Uji Japan)

Genmaicha Tea Side Effects

Is there caffeine in genmaicha tea? Yes, there is, and that’s the reason that people who are sensitive to the substance should take note in advance.

Since genmaicha has caffeine, it may lead to various side effects in certain persons.

If an individual consumes a substantial amount of caffeine, it may bring on anxiety, headache, dizziness, heartburn, gastrointestinal troubles, disorientation, throwing up and sleep difficulties. I

f you notice anything out of the ordinary after consuming genmaicha tea, then you should make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

How Do You Drink Genmaicha Tea?

  • Gather water, brown rice and green tea leaves
  • Place the brown rice inside of a compact skillet prior to toasting using medium-low heat
  • Transfer everything to a saucepan that’s on the small side
  • Introduce water and boil
  • Decrease the heat and make it low without delay
  • Conceal it and allow it to simmer for a full minute
  • Take it away from heat and let it steep for three additional minutes
  • Introduce the tea and allow three extra minutes for steeping
  • Strain and get rid of the tea leaves and brown rice
  • Serve this beverage at a hot temperature

When Should I Drink Genmaicha?

The truth is that you can drink genmaicha any time you wish.

You may want to avoid drinking it right before going to sleep, though. That’s because its caffeine may stop you from being able to fall asleep right away.

People frequently drink genmaicha in the mornings.

What Does Genmaicha Taste Like?

Genmaicha has a light flavor. It has a taste that’s somewhat grassy and nutty.

People who consume it often take note of the roasted rice scent. Many people often indicate that it has a subtle sweetness.

People who want to try this tea may wish to look into this option from Yamamotoyama.

Pantenger also makes a widely known genmaicha drink.

Brown Rice Green Tea Benefits: A Summary

People these days have so many incentives to make brown rice green tea consumption part of their routines.

If you want to relish a host of diverse health advantages, then you cannot go wrong with genmaicha.

It’s no surprise that this beverage is gaining traction in all different parts of the planet. It’s not just a favorite in East Asia.

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