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Without the right products, your relaxed hair can turn unhealthy, dry, dull, and brittle.  Moisturizers are certainly one of the most important components of a relaxed hair care routine.  If you want to keep your relaxed hair moisturized and looking its best, continue reading.  We’ve put together our picks for the best moisturizer for relaxed hair!

What can I use to moisturize my relaxed hair?

Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair

Ready to discover our favorite moisturizers for relaxed hair?  Whether you’re thinking about having your hair relaxed, just had it done for the first time, or have had relaxed hair for years, you’ll want to check out our top picks below.

Here is a summary of our selections for the best moisturizer for relaxed hair:

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What can I use to moisturize my relaxed hair?

Let’s take an in-depth look at what each of their moisturizers for relaxed hair has to offer.

Best Daily Hair Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair – Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer

Curly Hair Products by Carol's Daughter, Hair Milk Original Leave In Moisturizer For Curls, Coils and Waves, with Agave and Shea Butter, Hair Moisturizer For Curly Hair, 8 Fl Oz (Packaging May Vary)
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Leave-in moisturizes
  • Creamy formula is easily absorbed by hair
  • Reduces frizziness
  • Increases glossiness
  • Hydrates hair
  • Ideal for naturally curly hair

If your relaxed hair is dry and brittle, adding the Hair Milk Leave-In Moisturizer from Carol’s Daughter to your routine can help give it new life.  This moisturizer features a rich and creamy formula that is easily absorbed by hair, helping to revitalize and hydrate it.  The formula also works to reduce frizziness and increase glossiness.  The Hair Milk also includes beneficial ingredients for those with curly hair.  Some of these ingredients include agave nectar, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

Using this moisturizer is also very easy.  Simply squeeze a small amount out onto your hands (about the size of a quarter).  Then, apply it to your hair starting at the roots and working your way to the ends.

What Users are Saying

If you ask users what they think of this moisturizer for relaxed hair, many will have a lot of positive things to tell you.  According to several users, this Hair Milk has done better keeping frizziness under control than any other styling product they’ve tried.  Many users also shared how much it has helped hydrate their dry and dull hair.  Unfortunately, some users were not very happy with this moisturizer.  Some said that it has a very unpleasant scent, and others said that it left behind a sticky residue on their hair.

Daily Oil Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair – Cantu Daily Oil Moisturizer with Shea Butter

Cantu Daily Oil Moisturizer with Shea Butter, 13 oz (Packaging May Vary)
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Rehydrates dry hair
  • Reduces frizziness
  • Strengthens hair and prevents breakage
  • Prevents tangles
  • Increases shine

The Cantu Daily Oil Moisturizer with Shea Butter is specifically formulated for relaxed hair and other chemically-treated styles, such as colored or permed hair.  The moisturizer is formulated with shea butter and essential oils that work to replace the natural oils in your hair that are lost from using heated styling tools and exposing your hair to other environmental pollutants.  As it rehydrates your hair, the moisturizer also works to improve its overall health and appearance by reducing frizziness, preventing breakage, and keeping your hair tangle-free.

How often should I oil my relaxed hair?  The answer to this question is different for everyone based on the specific needs of their hair.  You may find that you need to use this product daily or just a few times a week.  When you’re ready to oil your hair with the moisturizer, you’ll want to apply it to wet hair after getting out of the shower.  Massage the moisturizer into your hair, let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then style your hair as desired.

What Users are Saying

Individuals with relaxed hair who have tried this moisturizer are overwhelmingly pleased with how it performs.  They have shared that it helps keep their relaxed hair from getting too dry and really increases how shiny and glossy their hair looks.  Other users have also shared that the moisturizer has a very pleasant scent.  However, some users who tried this moisturizer didn’t notice any major improvements in how their hair looked or felt.  Some said that it was too greasy, while others said that their hair felt dry shortly after applying it.

Best Detangling Conditioner for Relaxed Hair – Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner

SheaMoisture Strengthen and Restore Rinse Out Hair Conditioner to Intensely Smooth and Nourish Hair 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Shea Butter, Peppermint and Apple Cider Vinegar 13 oz
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Rinse-out conditioner
  • Detangles and softens hair
  • Reduces frizziness
  • Shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil moisturizer hair
  • Creates a protective barrier on hair
  • Improves the look of split ends
  • Cruelty-free
  • No silicone, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, or petrolatum

If you have relaxed hair, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner.  This is a rinse-out conditioner designed to soften and detangle hair, reduce frizziness, and make hair easier to manage and style.  Two of the key ingredients, Jamaican black castor oil and shea butter, work hand-in-hand to deliver moisture to hair and keep it from feeling too dried out.  Another ingredient found in this moisturizer is peppermint, which works to stimulate the scalp and leave your hair feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Apply this conditioner to your hair in the shower after shampooing it.  Use a comb to ensure it is evenly spread through your relaxed hair.  Allow it to sit in your hair for about three minutes before rinsing it out.

What Users are Saying

The majority of users have only positive things to share about using this rinse-out conditioner from Shea Moisture.  According to them, the conditioner leaves their hair feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.  Users have also mentioned that this moisturizer for relaxed hair has an amazing scent that makes using it all the more enjoyable.  Sadly, some users weren’t big fans of this moisturizer.  Some shared that it is too thick to rub in their hair without diluting it.  They also mentioned that if it spills into the bathtub or shower, it can be difficult to wash off.

Water Based Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair – Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid

Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid, 4.22 fl.oz.
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Moisturizes hair
  • Helps to keep hair perfectly straight
  • Reduces frizz
  • Smoothes hair
  • Increases shine
  • Works as a heat protectant

If finding a water based moisturizer for relaxed hair is important to you, take a look at the Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid.  Featuring water as its first ingredient, this moisturizer works to hydrate hair and leave it smooth and frizz-free.  Adding this moisturizer to your routine will also leave you with shiny and glossy hair that you’re certain to love.  This moisturizer can also work as a heat protectant to limit the damage to your hair from heated styling tools.

The Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid is very easy to use.  You’ll just need to work a small amount of the cream through your hair.  Then, you can continue to style it as normal..

What Users are Saying

Users are very impressed with how well this moisturizer works for their hair.  They have shared that it helps keep their hair under control and nice and straight.  Many also shared that they like that this moisturizer doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue, unlike many other products they have tried.  However, some users with very dry hair shared that this moisturizer didn’t do enough for their hair.  They said their hair was still dry and frizzy after using it.  Some other individuals stated that this moisturizer is too expensive compared to other similar products.

best detangling conditioner for relaxed hair

Best Leave in Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair – Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-In Treatment

Redken Leave In Conditioner for Damaged Hair Repair | Acidic Perfecting Concentrate
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Concentrated moisturizer
  • Designed for dry and damaged hair
  • Helps protect hair and prevent breakage
  • Formulated with bonding care complex to reinforce the bonds in your hair
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Designed for all types of hair and all types of damage

Chemical relaxers can damage and dry out your hair.  Adding the Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-In Treatment into your hair can help revitalize and repair your hair.  This moisturizer is formulated with an exclusive concentrated bonding care complex that works to strengthen the bonds in your hair.  You’ll notice that your hair is stronger and less-prone to breakage.  Using this moisturizer will also deliver hydrate to dry hair and reduce frizziness and dullness.

There is no need to wash the moisturizer out of your hair.  Simply apply it to freshly washed and damp hair, then proceed to style your hair as desired.  You can use this moisturizer daily, if that is what your hair needs.  Otherwise, assess the individual needs of your hair and apply it a few times a week or so.

What Users are Saying

The vast majority of users are very pleased with this moisturizer, with some going as far as calling it a game changer.  Individuals who have tried it are shocked with how much it has helped restore their damaged hair.  Other users, on the other hand, didn’t feel that this leave-in moisturizer was anything special.  They didn’t notice any major improvement in their hair and felt the moisturizer worked just like any other conditioner.  Considering how much more expensive it is than some of the other moisturizer options for relaxed hair, these users would not recommend trying this leave-in treatment.

Best Deep Conditioning Treatment for Relaxed Hair – Kenra Nourishing Masque

Kenra Nourishing Masque | Deep Conditioning Treatment | All Hair Types | 5.1 fl. Oz
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Moisturizer Highlights

  • Designed to repair damaged hair
  • Increases shine
  • Conditions hair
  • Hydrates and soften hair
  • Smoothes hair and decreases frizziness
  • Makes hair easier to manage

If your relaxed hair is crying out for help and repair, consider trying the Kenra Nourishing Masque.  This deep conditioning treatment is specifically designed to repair damaged hair.  Its formula works to reconstruct hair and deliver hydration, leaving it smooth and silky.  The deep conditioning masque will also increase the natural shine of your hair and make it easier to manage and style.

Kenra developed this moisturizer to be suitable for daily use, if needed.  Simply apply it to your hair in the shower after shampooing your hair.  Brush it through your hair for even application, and allow the conditioning treatment to sit on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then, rinse the conditioner out using warm water before drying and styling your hair as desired. 

What Users are Saying

Customers who purchased this deep conditioning treatment are overall very pleased with how it works on their hair.  Some have shared that it has worked wonders on their dry and damaged hair.  They have noticed that their hair is not softer, easier to manage, and so much healthier than it was before trying the moisturizer.  According to users, this deep conditioner also has a very pleasant scent.  However, as with most other moisturizers, there are still some customers who weren’t as happy with their decision to try this deep conditioning treatment.  Some shared that considering how expensive it is, it didn’t perform any better than drugstore alternatives they’ve used.  Some other individuals said that they did not like the way the conditioner smelled and didn’t enjoy putting it in their hair.

How do you keep relaxed hair moisturized?

Coming up with a routine that will work for you is important when trying to maintain your relaxed hair and keep it moisturized.  Depending on the needs of your hair, you may need to moisturize it every day, but in other cases you may only need to apply a moisturizer a few times a week.

To moisturize your relaxed hair, begin by sectioning your hair into four different parts.  Then, apply one of the moisturizers we shared above to one section at a time.  Finish off with a sealant, such as jojoba oil.  Repeat the steps above for the other sections of your hair.

How do you add moisture to dry relaxed hair?

To add moisture to dry relaxed hair, you’ll need to start with a moisturizer.  You can choose from various moisturizing creams, oils, or leave-in conditioners, but be sure to look for a product that will deliver hydration and has water among the top ingredients.  This will help ensure that maximum hydration gets delivered to your hair.  Using a moisturizer every day, or every few days, as needed is important for keeping your relaxed hair strong, silky, and shiny.

How do you moisturize chemically treated hair?

Chemical treatments, like relaxing, can lead to dry or dull hair.  As we mentioned above, you want to apply a moisturizing cream, oil, or leave-in conditioner to your hair daily or every few days.

How do you keep relaxed hair moisturized?


Should I moisturize my relaxed hair everyday?

Everyone’s hair is different and has unique needs.  For this reason, the frequency with which you should moisturize your hair can vary from one person to the next.  When caring for your relaxed hair at home, you’ll need to assess the specific needs of your hair.  It may need to be moisturized every day, or it may look and feel best when moisturized every few days.

How do you moisturize and seal relaxed hair without weighing it down?

To moisturize your hair without weighing it down, you need to choose the right moisturizer.  Look for a water-based moisturizer that will help deliver sufficient hydration and lock it into each strand.  You will also need to determine the right frequency for moisturizing your hair to avoid over moisturizing it.  Since everyone’s hair is different, there is no one right answer for this; you’ll just need to assess your hair and find the schedule that works best for you.
Once you’re ready to apply the moisturizer, comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles.  Then, partition your hair into four sections and apply the moisturizer to one section at a time.  Apply jojoba oil or another seal, and move on to the next section to repeat the steps.

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Moisturizers for Relaxed Hair

What do you think?  Are you tired of dealing with dull and dry relaxed hair?  Are you ready to choose one of the moisturizers recommended above to improve the look and feel of your relaxed hair?  Which sounds like the right fit for you?  Be sure to add it to your cart today so you’ll be able to give it a try really soon!

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